Northeastern Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Congratulations to all those admitted!

I came across this short student made, unofficial video about first year experiences.
first year secrets: northeastern university - YouTube


Anyone know when EA comes out? Thanks

Around the 3rd week of January.

Last three years:


Does NUin count as “admitted” in the official acceptance rate? Many private colleges are now doing spring entry, and publics to other year long entry programs, so I’m curious how they characterize that.

No, it doesn’t count

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You might be wrong with your statements. PErsonally know two students from my area that did NUin. They had zero problems getting involved when to get to Boston for spring semester their 1st year and have their best friendships with other NUin participants.


My son does the same. At their age they are more influenced by their friends than their parents.

EA is likely to come out last week of January, as it has in years past.

It really varies by student. Some make a very easy transition, others not so easy.

They may be lucky, but some students who have done NUin have reported that they found it extremely difficult to assimilate to the social life of Northeastern’s Boston campus. Personally, I know a lot of people who are doing NUin right now and are having a great time, so it is definitely mixed.

The experience abroad seems to be the best part. For anyone who wants to know more info about it, here is a great source:

Friends I have doing NUin right now in Italy, Ireland, Greece, have been touring Europe for the last few months. They went to Austria, Germany, France, Spain, and many other countries. If you want to tour Europe for four months, its a great way to do it.

Here is a good source of honest experiences of NUin:

Also, if you have questions, the r/NEU subreddit is a good source for many answers.

In general, I would say that, even though I am not NUin, it is a fun program and you should absolutely take the opportunity if given it. It is important to note, though, that it may be difficult to assimilate to campus when you come back second semester in January.


NUIn also usually doesn’t offer any financial aid, because you are not “in” you are NUIn. You know you aren’t admitted because you applied ED which is binding, and NUIn and NUBound release you from that committment.


This is a blunt way of putting it, but yeah.

My issue with Nuin and Nu Bound is that as parents, we cannot take a Parent Plus loan to pay for it. I believe that we would need to take a private loan to cover the cost if this was offered to our D22. Also, if no financial aid is offered, then these programs are quite expensive. At least that is what I have gathered over the years.

However, that said, if my D22 is offered 1 of these programs in EA round, I will find out the facts from NEU and we will make an informed decision. The programs sound great, but no decision can be made without facts to consider.

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If this is accurate, it’s an enormous increase over last year (Common Dataset says 1882 ED applications for Fall 2020…and I’m assuming that’s ED1 plus ED2???)…which would mean the total number of ED applicants is likely to double this year, right?

My daughter got into the College of Engineering. She received a Connections Scholarship. I thought if you receive a merit scholarship you would be in the Honors program, but it is not in the letter. Does that come later if you do or it would already be in the letter.


I will wait until that poster provides a link to the source of that data.

It would be in the letter.

Not all merit scholarship winners are in the Honor’s Program. My son got a Dean’s Scholarship, which is awarded to the top 10-15% of the applicant pool, but is not in the Honor’s program. Not familiar with the Connections Scholarship, but you can always check with Admissions.

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Thank you for telling me. The connections scholarship is one of the merit scholarships they give out. It also says the top 10-15% of applicants. My dauhter is worried about keeping in 3.0 GPA though in engineering classes.

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Me too! Do you know anything about the program?