Northeastern Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

thanks @mtemmd. Very helpful, thanks! And best to your son. It sure seems like he should have an excellent shot, but who knows?

Thanks. As I told him, it’s a total crapshoot when a school has a 19% acceptance rate.

Just like my older son, he will land where he is meant to be!

How much money do kids make at Coops at north eastern ?

That varies significantly by major. Computer Science being the highest followed by Engineering and Business. Here are the average earnings for 2020-2021 in CS. Hiring A Co-op: Offers And Compensation - Khoury College of Computer Sciences (


Can a student apply ED to NEU and ea to other schools? I know only one school can be Ed, just wasn’t clear on ea

Yes, but if you are accepted ED you are required to withdraw the applications from the EA schools.

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