Northeastern Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

That is my husband’s take on it and he wants my son to send his score. 1460, middle is 1470-1550.

He has decided to go ahead and apply ED. We got the unofficial financial aid number the other day and are comfortable with it. I’m hoping if he sends it, it doesn’t hurt him. It’s not much below but still below.

How long did it take to get your financial aid number? Good luck to your son!

I did the CSS on 10/1 and sent it right odd to them via the link to early review. We got the early review on 10/6, so quick. I have one glitch in that our projected earnings was a little off (my husband thought I only needed a rough number and it turns out his is due to make a bit more this year). I corrected the CSS (or filled out the form to correct), and called northeastern using the number on the letter they sent. The lady told me the number should not be on the early read and to email instead, so now I am waiting for a response. I don’t know if I should resubmit for another early read or if they can just adjust using the right numbers. Hoping to hear back soon!

It’s not a drastic amount, but you never know.

Thank you, good luck to yours, too!

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Hi, other than CSS and the tax return, what other documents did they need you to send?

So far just the CSS for the pre-read. I’m sure more will be requested via idoc

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Great news! Already heard back about pre-read and amendments to my son’s css. So quick response from NEU.


Good morning. I have a quick question. We completed CSS profile and submitted it last Friday, but when I checked the portal today, I saw an orange box that says " CSS Profile Correction". We don’t need to make any correction, not sure where this comes from. I did CSS before and don’t remember ever seeing this box. Plus, I thought you can’t correct/update CSS once it is submitted. If you need to change anything, you will have to contact the school directly. I called CB, and a lady told me that this is a new policy for the year of 2022-23. You can make one-time change, but when I asked her where I could see this new policy on CB website, she couldn’t pull it off the top of her head. Do you guys also see this orange box after you submit the profile?

I’m not sure what to do about ED because the NPC shows that we should be able to pay more than we can truly pay (bc it includes loans). I will submit for early review but am expecting the estimated FA to be similar to the NPC. We would then be hoping that our son would get merit aid that would not reduce our FA so that we could afford to send him. If not, we would need to withdraw from ED. For example, rounding numbers to say NU costs $80K for the first year, if the NPC shows our family can pay $65K but we can only afford $45K without taking out loans and NU then gives us an early review package with $15K grants that still requires us to pay $65K, the only way we can accept the ED offer would be if our son receives $20K in merit aid (to make up for the loans) with the ED offer AND we still get the $15K grant. But am I understanding correctly that NU would not do that? Instead, the merit aid replaces the financial aid? So we would have to pay $60K (instead of $65K)?

Hi Everyone, @DNapier, I went on to our CSS Profile to check things after reading your post. We have the orange button too. I think it’s a standard button just in case a change is needed.

Interestingly, there was a document there that my D and a parent had to complete proving she was a dependent. GW was the school wanting it, not Northeastern. So we completed that.

Good idea for anyone to log onto CSS Profile and look at the IDOC items to see if something like this appears after initially submitting.

Also what is also interesting is that none of the schools my girl has applied to has indicated on their portals that they’ve received our fafsa or CSS Profile. They were completed Oct. 2-3. Not all school have these listed on their checklists, but the ones that do haven’t received either.

My sense of things is that NU will give FA close to what your need is determined to be, but a later merit aid decision (upon admission) could be higher but it wouldn’t stack from my understanding. For instance, if the review determines your need to be $15k, I believe FA would try to match that. However, merit aid could come in at $20k. In that case you’d get $20k, not $35k.

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Can you share with others if the early read gives you any indication of possible merit aid or is just a need determination? (Do they ask for test scores or gpa or anything? Prob not, but this is a new service they’re offering.)

It is just need and based off of the css you submit. Although my guess is if my son is admitted it might end up being a mix of FA and merit (if merit, then need goes down. My suspicion is that the number won’t really change)

This all needs to be done ASAP if you want to get it back in time to make a decision to ED by 11/1.


I am not sure if it was brought up, but if you are not aware, Northeastern admissions is NEED-AWARE. That means that financial need MATTERS in admissions. Our daughter was accepted last year EA and we indicated need on the CSS Profile (which we really have for reasons I will not explain here), but we were given no aid. So, I would caution those applying ED that they truly can afford no aid if that was the case when the decision came back. We ultimately decided ED1 for Wash U anyways, and were awarded no aid there either (Wash U is also need-aware up until next year which they are changing to need-blind). That being said, there are some regrets on our part because in EA she was accepted to most schools, and in RD she would have gotten into a number of great schools, one of which was probably a lock and a top-5 (I won’t explain here). The bottom line is that be very careful about ED. If you are able to live with no aid then it makes sense … but you need to be able to live with the financial consequences. There are a LOT of great schools out there we have learned through the process.


I am not sure how to edit posts?? The previous thread I meant to say that we did not have a choice anyways, as our daughter was accepted ED :slight_smile: We had to live with whatever she got (none lol).

The other thing to add is that the yield at Northeastern is only a little over 26% That means that they are looking to get those ED commits. My opinion is that it means the true superstars everyone wants and those that can pay full price will be the top candidates during ED. I could be wrong but it makes total sense when you have a low yield. It could be that many colleges operate this way, especially if their yield is low. We are now applying to colleges for my son and there are so many lessons learned! Now that my daughter is in college I would honestly say do not get enamored with any one college, there are lots of great ones out there and make the choice for one which makes the most sense, both financially and fit-wise - there are LOTS of places where they would excel and be happy not just one or two!


Hey, thanks for checking. 1) I went back to my daughter’s CSS file last year, and there was no orange button at the time. It might be some new “function” for this year just like the rep lady said. 2) Also, here is something interesting FYI. We had a quick school visit this week and just came back yesterday. We got a booklet from NEU information session where it showed the middle 50 range for ACT was 34-35, and for SAT 1470-1550, both of which are slightly different than what you quoted from their website:

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I’d agree with @twicemama. You would get $20K and pay $60K as opposed to $65K.

We’ve heard from the pre-read too. Here is what it says on their response “*Institutional Grants and Scholarship Aid – While this estimate assesses your eligibility for need based funding, it is important to note that if the student is admitted to Northeastern and awarded merit funds, those merit funds will decrease or replace any need based grant funds included here. Northeastern merit scholarships are not stacked on top of need based grant funding”, basically it is the same as we have discussed here.


@DNapier , Well, I’m glad she applied test-optional!! Thanks for the info.

Good luck everyone!

Hoping my son is ready to submit in the next few days. Still debating on test score or not. :woman_shrugging:

What was her test score?