Northeastern Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Is there a "Pre read " option on CSS?

Northeastern says that their four undergraduate program includes two co-ops (6 months each) during which students don’t pay tuition. Does this mean that a student can graduate by paying tuition for only three academic years (or 6 semesters)? Since cost of attendance for NEU is 80K, this would result in significant savings. Additionally the co-op experience would be valuable as well.

Many (perhaps all? I don’t know for sure) of the 4-year, 2-co-op plans require students to take 2 courses during summer sessions, often for 4 summer terms. You have to pay tuition for these summer sessions, and each summer session is 1/2 tuition of a normal semester. So I think it typically ends up being 8 semesters of tuition, unless a student brings in AP credit. Each major includes a suggested “plan of study” that explains a possible way to move through the program, which you can find on the department webpage.


Actually, it looks like it might be possible in some majors. All of the suggested plans for a math major require a 5 year program, but there is plan for a bio major where you might save a 1/2 semester on tuition because it only requires 3 summer terms:

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My brother submitted his application, but when he checked his sent application, the pdf states “There are no test scores to report” despite SAT and AP scores being reported in the Common App. Is there a reason for this? My applications seem to submit with that information, so I was wondering why it wasn’t listed for Northeastern specifically.

Same thing here. Other applications look fine.

Same for my brother for a few schools

Virtually all undergraduate programs require the completion of 8 academic semesters totaling 128 credits. That can be reduced through AP credits and challenge exams. Coop periods do not award academic credit.


You make a great point here. Our daughter is a senior, and in my estimation has a list that is way to narrow. I would have put at least one or two liberal arts colleges on the list plus a couple more colleges for a wider selection, apply, and reassess for finances and fit. We’ll take a different approach for my high school freshman son.

Hmm do you have a portal yet? Maybe they ask for you to send the scores directly from Collegeboard rather than self reporting them? I don’t see anything on their end that suggests they don’t take the scores though.

My son applied to NEU, early action and while reading this thread I got curious and went to their website, and it looks like we have to do the FAFSA and the CSS? I don’t anticipate any need based aid, but he would only be able to attend if he gets some merit aid. Do we have to do both? And are they also due by November 1? I wasn’t sure, and if so I guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight. Thanks!

I had my son look on his NEU portal and even though his common app says that No scores thing, his scores were visible on his portal.

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Where did you see this information on their website? The Merit Scholarship page I found said "All applicants who apply on time are considered for these scholarships and no additional applications are necessary. Please note that scholarship consideration is separate from the financial aid application process. " I’m wondering if there is a different page that said something different.

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Maybe not, I just saw the FAFSA and CSS stuff on the application requirements page. I know some schools make you fill out the FAFSA to be considered for any scholarship so I assumed it had to be done. I plan to fill out the FAFSA because I think I have to for some schools, but I already know we won’t get any need based aid, and I had never heard of the CSS.

How many days after you submitted CSS did you get the financial aid information from northeastern ? We submitted CSS yesterday so wondering if we will get to know by Nov 1st.
Did you all fill out anything else other than FAFSA and CSS?

If you wanted Early Review to know by 11/1 ED admissions deadline, you needed to request that from Northeastern by 10/22 (yesterday).

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Request from Northeastern by submitting CSS or a different process ?

On their website under ED there’s a link: Early Decision Benefits | Undergraduate Admissions

Where are the scores listed on the portal? Did he send them from Collegeboard or did they just pop up?

Getting down to the wire about sending test scores or not. Really need to make a decision and it’s so hard trying to decide if my son has enough other pieces to his app that make up for the lack of a score. Strong academics, a couple of clubs (although covid put a damper on how active they were). A handful of volunteer hours. 5s on his APs. I assume excellent recommendations (teachers know him well).

Is it enough??? Is the 1460 really going to ding him??? :exploding_head: