Northeastern ED1

what are my chances in Northeastern ED1
GPA weighted 4.2
GPA unweighted 3.77
ACT superscore 34
ACT composite 33
Eagle Scout
Varsity Jass Band
Varsity High School band
National Honor society

As an ED applicant your chances are pretty good.

How is your rigor vs what is available…

How many APs have u taken ? How does that compare to the amount offered ?

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Have you run the NPC and is the result something that you and your parents are comfortable with?

Otherwise I tend to agree with @TomSrOfBoston, “pretty good” sounds right to me, but I would not consider it a safety.

I have taken around 10 AP classes…
AP Bio
AP MIcro
AP Stats
AP lang
AP Physics
AP music theory
AP world history

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Ok. I agree with others. Likely. Not not definite. But highly likely.

Didn’t ask major…if CS/ engineering maybe I’d diminish that a bit but for ED appears solid to me

yes i’m applying for engineering… thanks for your response.