Northeastern Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

I had to call to get it took like 3 weeks.

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is anyone else applying for business? i took introductory stats first semester but the program requirements state that business stats is required, which is making me nervous lol bc apparently it’s not the same thing and my counselor never told me about the business stats class at my school. I did take every other required and recommended class, not sure if that could balance it out

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dont panic. I took stats at my CC and was nervous too. if you go here (link) you can type in your school and your class and see if someone has transfered it in the past. even if it doesnt say you can talk with an admissions officer after your decision and see if you can find a way to make it fit. Hope this helps!

thank you so much! it counts as a regular stats class instead of business stats but that’s better than nothing, thank you for your help!

What is the Transfer List of Current Year Courses?

Just a list of the courses youre currently taking this semester

When does NEU usually release decisions?

They normally release decisions by waves starting on early May… Can’t wait!!


do u know if it’s based on when the application was submitted? or is it random?

A midterm report is not required for Northeastern right? Just wanna double check.

right but they recommend it be submitted by incoming sophmores

ah gotcha ty

y’all the deadline is now June 1…

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does anyone know if NEU rolling? because if they aren’t and they keep pushing back the deadline we might not get our decisions until like july :-/

Yes admissions are rolling.

I thought the website said they weren’t? I hope they are tho!!

I looked at the common data set but maybe it’s different this year?

Hi! Just searched for this chat to see what’s going on! Do I submit right now (its basically due) with an eh essay or tomorrow with a much better one! I don’t want to have to wait until august, but if its rolling maybe i wont have to. Thoughts?

Does the change in deadline mean that they will release decisions after the first or it could be before?

Doubt a day would do much difference, just fix your essay