Northeastern Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Hi everyone,
I did not see one of these for NEU Fall 2021, so I decided to make one! Welcome! :smiley:

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hi! i’m applying to neu (as a transfer) too!

Hi! What major are you applying to?

hey! I’m applying for linguistics and English :slight_smile:

Are you able to access the application? Their website says it should have opened yesterday.

im applying to their pharmacy program

Yea I am not sure I thought they would open it January 1st…

I am also unable to find or open it. It says the program will open 04/05/21 when I search for it on Common App, but the admissions counselor I spoke to said Jan. 1, and when I emailed them, they said January.

Hmm interesting. I feel like it will open up soon this month.

it’s opened!

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Yes, thank you!! I added it to my app. :slight_smile:

How has the application process been for everyone?

has anyone gotten access to their portal yet? their the only school that hasn’t gotten back to me about it

I had to call and have them actually give it to me because they i didn’t get the email they “sent me”

Heyy!! I’m applying for marine biology!

Does anyone know if I have good enough stats?
first semester GPA was a 3.8 and because I took so many credits I’m considered a sophomore even though it’s only my 2nd semester of college.
I didn’t have a GPA in highschool because my school was weird lol.
I took mostly honors classes though.
I’ve had an internship for over 3 summers in a row for Marine Biology.
I play a musical instrument, run XC, and am a member of 3 clubs that have to do with social justice and environmentalism.
Anyone think I have a shot?

Very impressive. I think that the fact you had that marine biology internship will impress them! it shows that you really care about you major and the social justice and environmental clubs show your going to better the world! I think they ll be impressed.

Should i send in my midterm grades? I have a 3.82 gpa (4.0 in major classes) currently and am applying as a business and comms combined major. I am a freshman with sophomore standing (I graduate hs in 2020 but already had 33 credits from an ECHS) I had straight A’s last semester. My midterm is the following A,A,A,A,D . the D is in calc 1. Math has never been my strong suit and is apparent by my hs transcript (I always got c’s in math). I managed to get an A in precalc but this class is very difficult in a remote setting. i got a 44 on the first test and then worked my a** off and got a 70 on the second to raise my grade. I know midterms are optional and so will submitting them hurt my chances of getting in?

Is alot of everyone else’s materials also not showing up as completed on their portal?

Hi everyone! How soon after submitting did you receive confirmation/portal info?