Northeastern Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Hey, I jut created a discord server for NEU fall 2021 transfers: https://■■■■■■■■■■/6VTzFCvn

Lets wait all together…

northeastern has the worst admin ever… i got this email about their nursing program being full and not accepting transfers for fall 2021. i cant believe how unprofessional they are and that they weren’t upfront about it earlier.

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Did anyone else here get in as a guaranteed transfer last year and is awaiting an official acceptance?

Can you send it again, the link expired :sweat_smile:

What is guaranteed transfer?

It’s when you are told senior year of high school that you have to spend a year in another institution and if you do well there then the next year you can go to the school you initially wanted to go to without applying as a transfer

Do we have to send in our final grades for the spring 2021 semester?

I don’t think so. There’s nothing on the requirements page that says they require them

I think final grades aren’t sent to any college until you officially enroll!

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VPA, we applied to basically all the same schools :slight_smile: :slight_smile: LFG

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Northeastern must’ve just started evaluating financial aid information. My portal now shows a checklist, and the FAFSA and CSS Profile say they were received sometime in May (despite being submitted prior to the deadlines back in March or April).

Have they started releasing decisions yet?

No :roll_eyes::sob:

do u have an updated invite

can someone lmk if i should just assume im rejected and put a deposit down on another school… im starting to bug out

I wouldn’t assume you’re rejected because NEU hasn’t released any decisions yet….annoying but when are AOs not. But I would put down a deposit just in case because you don’t want to lose a spot. You always withdraw later if you get into NEU.

oh okay i thought they already had, mustve misread the thread. thank u sm!!

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