Northeastern Fall 2021 Transfer

Hey everyone! I’m currently a freshman at Rutgers trying to transfer into another institution (NEU) for next fall (Fall 2021).

My first semester GPA was a 3.5 from a total of 14 credits (One class was a 1-credit elective that was Pass/Fail). However, for my multivariable class, I had to NC (no-credit) since it was not high enough to be considered passed for my major. (Stats/Actuarial Sciences)

I am in a few clubs (Actuarial Science, Data Science, Quantitative Finance, I.D.E.A (new at Rutgers), and Intarumal Tennis) It was hard to be very involved in the first 3 clubs due to corona and a lot of attention was on job fairs targeted towards juniors and seniors.

Over summer 2020 I had an internship doing some economic research for a startup company about finding ways to combat poverty using different economic models, ideas, and so on…

I also had a summer program helping its marketing team develop the app about how to start it and what to have in it. In the end, my job title was an intern.

During the school year, I was part of this competition which was about innovative ideas to combat food crisis across America (mainly schools… my team came in unnraked).

My H.S. GPA was a 3.49 and SAT was 1450.

Can anyone give me a look into my chances to get in please, or anything I should do with my essays and application in general.

Hi @Clooney104! I am currently a sophomore at Northeastern and I just wanted to say that based on your academics and EC’s I would estimate you have a good chance at gaining acceptance! I transferred to NEU as well and I want to give my stats not as a comparison but only to delineate that numbers are not the deciding factor. I had a 3.9 in HS and a 4.0 at my previous institution. I partook in many clubs ranging from being related to my major and community service. What I would like to say that helped me become unique and stand out was my essay. I spoke about the challenges I faced and being able to describe any setbacks. I talked about how overcame them and it really highlights your character so my advice is do not let numbers discourage you! Use them to your advantage and describe reasons as to why you may have faltered in certain classes or talk about any new insights that helped change your outlook on anything. Definitely highlight any internships and experiences you have gained ! If you need any more questions feel free to ask!

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Hi there everybody!
I am just joining the thread about NU transfer applicants for Fall 2021! I have been doing prereqs for nursing through a community college and have been waiting for a decision to the nursing program for Northeastern! I have been in contact with my admissions counselor and he said my application has been evaluated. Wondering if anybody else has gotten in yet and how long it took them to hear?! He said the decisions are sent in batches as the application becomes complete! Wishing you all amazing luck!