Northeastern Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

Hey everyone! I’m planning on transferring from community college to Northeastern next Fall. Let’s share our majors, GPAs, activities, and just chat.

Hey!! I am too. I’m at NYU currently!

Hi! I’ applying to from UCI :slight_smile:

hi, idk if i’m for sure applying but i got waitlisted last year and wanna try again. i’m attend this small college in ky but i’m originally from dc!

Do you guys know when the application opens? I’ve just decided to transfer from Temple and I’m worried missed the deadline bc I can’t find it?

the deadline is in march lol

Don’t worry! Turns out the application would go live until Jan 5th. That’s why it’s not on Commonapp or Coalition yet :slight_smile:

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Have you all applied yet?

no have you?

Yes, I have! I have no patience lol. Plus, only one month left before the last application day.

Just applied! Anyone hear back yet?

do u think we’ll hear back this early? when do they generally release decisions if u know

Has anyone gotten a link to their portal?

Last year they started to release their decisions in late May, so we will have to wait for a couple more months at the very least.

I have, but I applied a long time ago.

ugh i wish they would release decisions already i feel like it’s been months already and the deadline hasn’t even passed lol


CBS Boston: "Take local colleges like Boston College, Boston University, and Northeastern University. Each of those schools reports the highest number of applications received during a single application period.
In 2022, Northeastern received 91,000 applications. By comparison, they received 75,000 in 2021 and 64,000 in 2020."

Well, good luck to us all, lol.

ugh nooo. is that gonna affect us tho, since thats just freshman?

I’m not sure how many transfers NU normally takes, but they had a huge overenrollment in the current frosh class and were very conservative with admissions for the fall 2022 class. They may be a little more conservative with transfers as well, but it is hard to know.

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i’ve heard they don’t have a lot of campus space, they’re sending a bunch of their freshman abroad first semester because of it. it’s just soo overcrowded