Northeastern finalizes merger agreement with Mills College in CA

‘Together we have an opportunity to create something truly unique in higher education’ - News @ Northeastern - News @ Northeastern

" Following months of in-depth discussions and consultation with key stakeholders, today the presidents of Northeastern University and Mills College announced that the two institutions have reached a definitive agreement to merge and establish Mills College at Northeastern University. The agreement has been signed by both presidents and approved by the governing boards of both institutions.

The merger will bring Mills College and its distinctive mission focused on access, equity, social justice, and women’s leadership into Northeastern’s global network, which includes campuses across North America and in London, England. Mills College at Northeastern will take its place alongside Northeastern’s existing colleges, and its educational programs will become gender inclusive. President Elizabeth L. Hillman will remain the leader of the college and retain her title as president."


Glad to see this finalized with a second chance for Mills!


I thought their dorms and buildings were going to be used by UCB?

That was before Northeastern came to the rescue of Mills with a permanent plan for the future.



The merger takes effect today.
Mills College at Northeastern University – a bicoastal university for undergraduate and graduate learning
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An article from today’s Wall Street Journal about the merger. Quite long and detailed. Paywall but if you create a free account you should be able to read it, after clicking through all the options. The campus is valued at $1 billion and the endowment is $190 million. Northeastern assumes $21 million in debt and contributes $20 million to create the Mills Institute.

I always assumed that the WSJ readership to be an informed group but reading through the comments I now question that!

Broke Colleges Resort to Mergers for Survival - WSJ


According to the article, they’re already looking into buying another college. maybe in Miami?

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That’s the first I heard of that. Their website makes no mention of it. Not clear if it would be a graduate campus like Charlotte of merging with another college. Time will tell!

Again, Northeastern is not “buying” anything.