Northeastern is joke (for Spring 2010)

<p>Don't get me wrong, I love the school and its program (especially the co-ops) but they are being completely ridiculous. I, like many other people, got accepted into the Spring 2010 semester, apparently because I'm one of the "lucky few." Yea right. First of all, spring 2010 students are not qualified for merit scholarships, confirmed by the fin. aid office. Also, spring students barely receive and aid at all, only getting loans which have to be repaid! I got a total of $0 that I get to keep! Keep in mind that northeastern is close to 50K a year! All my other schools offered me 10K or more in scholarships in addition to federal grants. Absolutely nothing from neu. I feel like neu just accepted these students to earn some extra $ from them. The truth is here. I'm really disappointed because I really wanted to go, but now it's impossible and I just wanted to warn others! No merit scholarships and no, if any, fin. aid. I wish i got into the fall semester.</p>

<p>I emailed about the possibility of being moved to Fall or being put on the wait list and it was a pretty blatant no (as well as pointing out that it's better to be in for Spring then on the Fall wait list). I'm pretty torn at the moment. NEU is my top, but I don't know if it's worth it. Oy vey.</p>

<p>Yo, nearly every school (even cheap state ones) accept some students in the Spring. Yeah it sucks that you didn't get aid, but it's not like that's unusual.</p>

<p>Keep this in mind...September to January is 4 short months...a short time to attend the school of your choice. Trust me, nobody will look at you any differntly knowing you started in January. It's just not that way in college. My S was a Spring admit last year and is happy he made the choice. He took a few classes at a local college to fulfill some basic prerequisites, then in January, was placed in an upper class dorm on Columbus Av which he loved, and better yet..without having to suffer the Freshman dorm experience. </p>

<p>Sounds like waiting a few short months is a pretty cool deal.</p>

<p>Plus most people spend 5 years at Northeastern. Do you really think that during your fourth year you are actually going to care about not getting to be a first semester freshman? It's all the same. In college (and especially at northeastern) time is pretty relative.</p>

<p>guest0101: I realize that you really want to go to Northeastern but to say and i quote "I feel like neu just accepted these students (accepted for Fall semester) to earn some extra $ from them." is rather ignorant
If we could pay full tution why would we apply for financial aid? I like many other fall semester students got 12K per year so its not like I'm paying full tution even if I couldn't so there's no such bias in terms of the admission process
You've just got to face that the most qualified students got into Fall Semester
The second batch of most qualified students got into Spring Semester << that would be you
The third batch of most qualified students got waitlisted and only 25% come off that waitlist</p>

<p>So since you regard Northeasternso highly you should appreciate the fact you have a guranteed spot at Northeastern for the Spring semester (unlike the waitlisted students) and attend the university instead of giving up on it just because you didn't make it into the first batch</p>

<p>Red_Glory I think Guest 101 means the Spring batch is the $$....think about it merit aid...just loans....But, you can take their $25K College semester abroad in the Fall? If you wanted to transfer you can kiss that money goodbye...those cresits abroad probably wouldn't be well-received by another university, Besdies,most students do the semester abroad in Junior're settled and more mature...ready to try-on another culture ....</p>

<p>My only problem with the spring is the loss of all merit scholarships, which i don't beleive is fair. I guess it is, due to the fall kids being more qualified....but we don't have a chance for anything at all. My plans were to go to a different school for the fall, then transfer the credits in spring....basically double deposit, double enroll type thing. Overall, i got 10k a semester....7 grant/work study....3 loans. You could always try to appeal i guess....thats what i am going to do. </p>

<p>I really want to go to northeastern, but money is a problem. The spring isn't.</p>

<p>Hi, thanks for all the replies. I actually was only talking about the $$ situation. I really don't mind going in the spring at all and was planning on going...until I got my "awards" which were full of loans. I emailed my guidance counselor at neu and he told me that Spring 2010 students were not even considered for merit scholarships, no matter how well they scored on their SATs or how high their GPAs were. I think this is very unfair, and my GPA was very good (3.7) but it doesn't matter because i'm not eligible for much financial aid at all. I was expecting some aid from the government or some form of need based aid, but I got nothing. I know I filled out my css and fafsa right, because I received much more aid from other schools even though their cost of attendance was much lower. With 48K a year there's no way my parents could even consider affording that...too bad because northeastern was really high up on my choice list. But congrats to all of you accepted into the fall!</p>

<p>I wanted to go to Australia, but NUin is way overpriced</p>

<p>They should have set scholarships, based on merit, set aside for the Spring admits. That's only fair in my opinion, everything that i have done, such as ECs and volunteer just to not be considered? Thats terrible</p>

<p>Exactly...i feel like the business school is really competetive and thats why i got into the spring
Financial aid is by far the worst ever, so disappointing</p>

<p>wait a second, if you were only accepted for fall, doesn't that mean that you didnt MERIT a merit scholarship. please don't take this the wrong way- i dont mean you dont deserve it, i'm just confused. ive never heard of this whole admitting for spring thing anyway.</p>

<p>I still don't understand why you guys are complaining. Hey guess what, most schools don't give ANY merit aid to ANY student, fall or spring. And you wanna know why it's called a "merit" scholarship? It's because they give it to the people who they feel deserve it the most. Your gpa was good, but most people I know had gpa's over 4.0 and took an insane amount of APs. I'm sorry, but it's like complaining about not getting into CalTech or Oxford. You could have been a great student, but you just weren't good enough according to Northeastern. There are people in the fall semester who didn't get any merit aid at all. So if Northeastern considers them better candidates than spring admits...</p>

<p>And you think the study abroads are over priced? That is the cost of one semester. That's not "over priced", it's just the price. Every student pays that if they study abroad.</p>

<p>So this is what you said back then......You sound a little bit full of yourself...yelling at people who would have an oppurtunioty to attend NEU but the costs is tough this year....</p>

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neuchimie </p>

<p>Posts: 170 Most people I know just got the 5500k stafford loan. Northeastern isn't big on non-merit aid because they give so much merit-aid.</p>

<p>Some of you cant read, i'm not talking about merit aid im talking about ALL aid. Yea ok I wasnt qualified and all that bs but i should've gotten some need based grant.</p>

<p>What are you talking about? Most people I know DID just get that... The stafford loan is need based. Other schools typically will give out their money as grants or such based on need, whereas Northeastern (for the most part) does it based on merit. (And I meant 5500, without the k-- simple typo)</p>

<p>How dare Northeastern accept more qualified students than me, thus deferring my admittance til Spring. And who are they to give out merit and need based scholarships to those people when I want them instead....</p>

<p>@ easternmasskid
i am qualified and i know people that are underqualified that got more than i did (which is nothing)
your pathetic, i came here to talk to people in my situation, i was very polite and never bashed northeastern as a school
yea i was disappointed and you would be too if the school you really wanted to go to didnt give you anything (and loans dont count, i can go to my bank and get one! plus they have to be repaid) and im sorry if i dont want to end up with 200k in debt
i should be eternally greatful for the amazing 5500 i got in loans that every student qualified for because it's guaranteed money from the gov.!
sorry i worked hard my four years and only managed a 3.7</p>

<p>If I had two people applying for my school and one of them could financially handle it while the other pretty much needed help or they couldn't attend, I would be more inclined to give the larger scholarship out to that person vs person A.</p>

<p>Not to mention my personal observation of people is that those who did the best in high school typically had more structured households and more successful parents than those who did not. Psychologically their children are trained to succeed and surpass vs the person whose mother is white trash and father is a bipolar alcoholic who has no training or reliable structure at all. Person B in this example is so much more worth giving aid to than the other who will be able to afford it no problem. But such is not how it works.</p>

<p>Yet another example of the rich getting more breaks in this country.</p>