Northeastern NUin vs Boston Uni's CGS

Has anyone been admitted to both NUin and Boston University’s CGS and considering both? Wondering thoughts on that because I am choosing between the two. Cost is not an issue for me and I’ve figured out how I feel about the schools programs campuses etc but I’m now just comparing the programs themselves.

With BU, you’re gonna be stuck in CGS for your first two years taking basically classes to fulfill the Hub reqs (the core curriculum basically). Then you move onto your school (CAS, QST etc.) and you do classes for your major. Spring semester start looks weird to me because I have no clue what I would have done that whole Fall.

NUin looks a little nicer because you don’t have the weird delayed start and it’s only that one semester abroad, so you aren’t stuck being separated from other students. I’m biased towards BU as a school as whole because in my opinion, I think it’s stronger for more fields than NU (ranked higher in USN and QS as well), but I think NUin is probably a better program.

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Another +1 for CGS is a very big difference/line whereas is just a semester abroad. You won’t have your choice of college or major restricted at Northeastern, where you will with CGS. There’s more social separation in play there as well.

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BU CGS is a much more competitive program and BU offers more opportunities.

I don’t think there’s any stats or evidence to show either of those things are true, sorry.


BU CGS has a heavily prescribed set of courses and few electives. If your major requires a lot of prerequisites and does not overlap with the prescribed set of courses, it may be difficult to stay on track for your major in BU CGS.

Everyone at BU has to do the BU HUB. Students are not stuck in CGS. They have options to go into every major at BU while fulfilling requirements all students have to take. The CGS program is also more competitive.

Please look at the CGS pathways Academic Pathways | General Studies

It shows the path for most majors and students graduate in 4 years.

Repeating that CGS is more competitive than Nu.In doesn’t make it true and I’m not sure it matters for anything.
Can you tell stories from your time in CGS? What did you like? Dislike? What was it like arriving after freshmen bonded in the Fall, were there special opportunities for your group to meet with these other freshmen? Did you have a January orientation and what was it like?