Northeastern Submitting Scores Help?

Hi everyone!

So I’m having some little issues with self-reporting my standardized test scores for Northeastern. I’m planning on going test-optional (I don’t believe my score represents my academic strength well enough) and specified that on my common app and on the Northeastern portal. However, submitting SAT/ACT scores is still required on my portal. I don’t want to leave the section blank as I’m assuming admissions is going to see my application as incomplete. So should I submit them just in case? I’d appreciate your take on the situation :slight_smile:

That seems strange. My daughter just submitted to NU on commonapp yesterday, so has not gotten and NU ID for the portal back yet. But she never was able to even take the SAT due to cancellations. You should not have to submit if it doesn’t reflect your potential.

Same with my son. Submitting today without scores.

Northeastern is test optional this cycle.

If you are choosing not to submit your test scores then you should not be self-reporting anything.