Northeastern Transfer Students Fall 2011

<p>Thought I would make this thread for all transfer students who are applying. Anyone get decisions yet??</p>

<p>is it realistic for somebody to have received an admissions decision for fall 11?</p>

<p>i'm going to apply to the CAS as an econ major</p>

<p>edit: i didn't realize they accepted apps on a rolling basis with a 2-4 weeks turnover. definitely pretty disappointed they aren't having transfer decision days this year.</p>

<p>this thread is a great idea! Anyone hear back yet? i like compulsively check the status check everyday, this waiting is killling me! </p>

<p>I didn't realize they weren't having transfer days jeez that sucks..</p>

<p>what are you guys applying to, i am considering the CBA but i am not sure if i am a strong enough applicant.</p>

<p>i have a 3.4 gpa at umass dartmouth. i do have all of the relevant coursework done, but a D+ in calculus.</p>

<p>Going for criminal justice, 3.5 at Rhode Island College.</p>

<p>Ya i check my status check all the time too. Its a bad habit now lol. I wonder how many transfer students Northeastern is going to get this year??</p>

<p>3.12 at SUNY Albany. Hoping to do really well on midterm and show an upward trend!</p>

<p>no grade below a B- though. (B-, B, B+, B+, B+) it's kinda bad, but hopefully my essays and recs were strong enough to counteract it.</p>

<p>hey.. it says decisions will start rolling in feb?? let us know if u get a reply!!</p>

<p>also the midterm reports for the current semester are also required correct?? so how r the decisions available in feb??</p>

<p>Seriously? Decisions will start in Feb??</p>

<p>i am an international transfer applicant. management major.</p>

<p>87/100 in percentage grades. no gpa here, but i have been told is around 3.35, am i right??</p>

<p>i just finished my common application , i just have to send the required documents.</p>

<p>anyone accepted yet?? post your stats please.</p>

<p>I have applied for computer engineering. I'll be missing 2 of the 9 'strongly recommended' prereq's although 1 they don't really offer at my school so I feel it shouldn't count. I have a 4.0 from a cc.</p>

<p>I find their status check website confusing. At the top it says they look forward to reviewing my completed application. Does that mean it's officially complete? For several weeks now the spots under Required and Highly Recommended Documents have been blank and all the required documents are listed as Received but it doesn't actually say it's complete anywhere.</p>

<p>finally submitted my application</p>

<p>ive had all my stuff in since Jan 6th and still no word..</p>

<p>My application status check says they have only received the Common Application, Supplemental App, and the Application Fee. But I sent everything else in 2 weeks ago, does anyone else have this problem?</p>

<p>yep same here, around the same time as rossboss and still havent heard. I'm hoping it comes either this week or next...</p>

<p>Tmoeller, </p>

<pre><code> I called admissions today, told them I have had all my stuff in since Jan 6th and they said "very soon". Hahah however long that takes!


<p>well thats good news at least, anytime ive called theyve just told me the standard 4-6 weeks or whatever so at least it seems like some headway has been made and we will actually hear soon. I hope we both get in!</p>

<p>thanks for the update :)</p>

<p>theDynastyyy, thats what it says on their website.</p>

<p>rossboss and TMoeller1: i still have my transcript1 (midterm) to send in, weren't u required to send it?? did ur application go to process without it??</p>

<p>Any transfers get their decision??</p>

<p>nope, i don't think we'll be hearing tonight...</p>

<p>Ya prob not, I'm going to call them tomorrow because my app has definitely been in over 6 weeks</p>