Northeastern Transfers Fall 2015

Hey everyone! I’m applying to Northeastern as a transfer student for fall 2015 and was wondering who else is applying so we can start a discussion :slight_smile: hopefully it would make this process a little easier! Please feel free to ask questions and just chat

I also applied as a transfer in the College of Engineering. I am looking forward to April 1 when the decisions are released!

hey! i also recently submitted my application to Bouve College! what are some of your “stats”, as they say for comparison? Also do we know that the decisions are released on April 1st?

I applied for the College of Engineering. I am a freshman hoping to get in for Fall for the start of my sophomore year.
My first semester GPA was a 3.94 and I am playing intramural ice hockey, basketball and soccer.
I am involved in an honors fraternity here and I am also studying abroad in China for 1 month this summer!
My second semester is coming along well I have a 3.85 as of right now, but still a long ways to go!
I talked to an admissions counselor about ACT/SAT scores and if it was worth it retaking them. They said admission is heavily focused on college performance. I got a 28 on my ACT and 1780 on my SAT, obviously it was not my strong suit.

Yes, the decisions will be released on a ROLLING basis starting 4/1. However, they may let you know as late as 6/15 I believe.

Best of luck to you all! I am really hoping to be in Boston for the fall.

Would’ve been helpful to mention that I am attending Penn State, University Park in the College of Engineering… sorry!

Applications are due on April 1st, and I’m pretty sure they’re released on a rolling basis until June 15.

I’m a nursing major at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst). I finished my first semester with a 3.85, if I keep up the rate I’m going at I should finish my second with a 3.6-leaving me with a 3.72 GPA. I got a 2040 on my SAT the first time around. I volunteer for three hours a week at a local survival center, I’m involved in LGBT outreach, and I’m involved in Active Minds-a mental health organization on campus.

Here’s hoping we’re all in Boston next year!

Hey guys I’m totally freaking out about my chances after reading about all of you!! I did decent in high school (3.4) and have a 3.7 as of last semester, and will probably have something similar at the end of this semester. I’m going to be sending in my application within this week, but since things are on a rolling basis, do you think this will negatively affect my chances?? i’m so terrified!

Hey all. Thought I might as well jump into the discussion.

Applying to D’amore McKim School of Business from a top 50 University
I have 20 something credits from AP’s (based on NEU’s standards) – tested out of the calcs, most of the sciences and histories, and both econs
College GPA: 3.97
Major: Finance and Accounting --> these will become concentrations if I am lucky enough to be admitted

Classes Taken: Management Science (300-level), Accounting (200-level), Business Law (200-level), Communication Ethics (200-level), Economics (200-level), Marketing (200-level), Philosophy (100-level), Introduction to Business (100-level), English Comp. I (100-level), English Comp. II (100-level)

SAT: 2200
High School GPA: 3.8 unweighted; 4.3 weighted

Other: Work two jobs (totaling about 30 hours per week) --> one is a brand marketing and business strategy position. I average 1,000 new subscriptions per month. Other is a general managerial/clerical assistant position for one of the undergraduate colleges at my school. Most of my free time goes here.

Economics Club, Student Government Representative, Captain for IM Football/Soccer, Volunteer for United Way, also noted some high school EC’s (volunteering/work) that probably aren’t that relevant.

Not feeling too confident, but I felt it is worth a shot since the academic culture at my current school isn’t to my liking.

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t replied, been busy with midterms. But my stats are decent. I have a 3.916 college GPA and I’m applying to for biology. I also have a good amount of extracurriculars but nothing crazy. I’m at Merrimack College right now and it’s honestly not the best college so hopefully my GPA helps me!

And I wouldn’t worry about high school because they don’t require SATS or high school transcripts!

It’s probably good to add that I’m a sophomore trying to transfer as a junior

It’s definitely super stressful waiting to hear back; why hasn’t anyone come up with an instantaneous decision generator yet?

Does anyone know how likely it is that we will hear on 4/1?
Or is it more common that we would have to wait until mid April or even late May

Does anyone know if we have to submit the mid term report?
It isn’t listed under the “required” or “highly reccomended” documents. I have everything submitted since March 6 including common app, letter of rec, application fee, college report and my college transcript. I have 55 credits at time of application .

-Greatly appreciated

I emailed them about this a while ago, it’s not necessary :slight_smile:

Best of luck to everyone!
I know admissions will start releasing decisions tomorrow!
Let us all know of the outcome!!

I wonder if they’re actually going to release decisions beginning tomorrow

yeah does it say somewhere that they begin releasing decisions on April 1st? All I’ve seen is that they will all be released by June 15th…imagine having to wait that long :confused:

In your portal it should say transfer decisions for the fall will be released on a rolling basis beginning 4/1

I also applied. My stats are a lot less impressive than you guys (3.4 gpa over 45 credits). I applied as a health sciences major. I don’t really think I’ll get in, but I figured I’d join this convo just in case!