Northeastern U, Rutgers U, Penn State, Lehigh U, and U Mass @ Amherst

<p>I'm planning to apply at Northeastern, Rutgers, UMass - Amherst, Penn State University Park, and Lehigh to their Industrial Engineering program. What are my chances?</p>

SAT- C.R 630 M 680 W 610 = 1920
SAT II: Spanish 790 US History 550
AP: 4 classes, everything else honors
AP test: 5 in AP Spanish
Live in New Jersey
Extracurricular: Yearbook Editor, Model United Nations, Future Business Leaders of America (one year), Key Club (one year), French Club, JV Tennis (one year), National Honor Society, and attended the National Young Leaders Conference in D.C.
Very little community service.
My school does not have class ranks.</p>

<p>Once again, I want to go into Industrial Engineering. Chances??</p>


<p>9th Grade</p>

<p>CP English I - A
World History - A
Geometry - A
Honors Biology - B+
CP French II - A
Business Dynamics - A
Gym - A
Health- A</p>

<p>10th Grade</p>

<p>Honors English - B
Honors US I - B
Current Issues - A (half year)
Dim. of Prej. A (half year)
Algebra II - B
Honors Chemistry - C+
CP French III - B+
AP Microeconomics - B+
Gym/Health - A</p>

<p>11th Grade</p>

<p>Honors US II - B+
Honors English III - C-
AP US Gov & Pol- B
CP Physics - B+
Gym/Health- A
Honors French IV - B
Precalculus - B
Yearbook- A+</p>

<p>12 Grade (just classes)</p>

<p>Honors English IV
Honors Physics
AP Calculus AB
AP European History
Human Behavior I/II

<p>Had you not showed me your transcript I would say in almost everywhere. Great GPA, Ok SAT's (decent compartively to the schools you're applying to), and Hispanic will boost your chances significantly. However the downward trend in your GPA/Grades each year is not going to be looked upon favorably. I would suggest:</p>

<li>Work your ass off in the fall of senior year</li>
<li>Retake the SAT's, if you can get 2000+ that would widely broaden your selection of schools</li>
<li>Retake SAT II US History</li>

<p>^Agree with both those suggestions; however, I still think you're in to the majority of these schools.</p>

<p>thank you!</p>