Northeastern University 2010 Waitlist

<p><<wait, so=“” are=“” most=“” of=“” them=“” gonna=“” up=“” by=“” the=“” end=“” may=“” mid-june?=“”>></wait,></p>

<p>Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re asking…</p>

<p>@jpeter1093 Would Northeastern let everyone who got in from waitlist know by the end of June? Cause normally it could take ages but it seems like they’re letting people now so…</p>

<p>I thought they plan on notifying all waitlistees no later than June 1. Below is part of an email:</p>

<p>While we will move to inform students of their waitlist status as soon as possible, please understand that this is not likely to occur until after the national deposit reply date of May 1 and that admission from the waitlist is based on space availability. Therefore, we encourage you to make alternative plans by securing a place at another institution so as not to miss an opportunity for fall enrollment. We will notify you of space availability no later than June 1.</p>

<p>I’m assuming they’re done, just got rejected.</p>

<p>I got accepted for jan-start off the wait list, but it didn’t say anything about financial aid. :/</p>

<p>so what are you going to do rachels?! i’m really not feeling up to studying abroad. and it said if you aren’t, you can do community service. does that give credits i really don’t understand the option.</p>

<p>Hello! I’m planning on going to Greece on the NU-in program, if my parents say yes (which I will know by tomorrow). I’m actually really excited to study abroad, and now I get to do it while taking classes, and then I can do work/internship co-ops later! I’m not sure about the community service thing, I’m not sure how you could get any credit from that. I know another option people can choose is taking classes at their local college.</p>

<p>yeah it seems really fun to study abroad. oh yeah congrats on getting in! i was so worried that i got rejected since they haven’t taken people off the waitlist since forever. but would i be able to take classes at a university for the first semster, like UC Merced?</p>

<p>First I would like to say, cool you live in Ca! Me too (bay area). I think you have to talk with the admissions advisor to see if you can take classes at Merced. I was under the impression that you could only take classes at community colleges, but I may be wrong.</p>