Northeastern University 2021 ED2

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This thread is for any discussion/decisions for ED2 admissions this year!

The official decision date is by February 15th, but historically decisions are released earlier, and typically on Wednesdays. If not on a Wednesday, nearly all release dates fall within Tuesday-Thursday. Decisions for ED will release all at one time across all time zones. Based on this, the most likely release dates are February 3rd or February 10th but could fall anywhere between 2/2 and 2/11.

Previous Admission Cycle Archive Thread (Including Previous Dates)

Posting Decisions

To all those posting decisions, including the following info would be greatly helpful to people this year and especially in future years. The hope is to compile this information to give some numbers to future applicant pools. Feel free to post as much of this information as you are comfortable with. It shouldn’t have to be said, but numbers do not define you, this is only for statistical purposes. :slight_smile:

SAT/ACT (Superscore):
GPA (UW/W + Scale Info):
Did you apply for FA?:

Thanks and good luck to all!


Wow this is already making me so nervous for decisions :weary: Manifesting good results for everyone who reads this!!!

Couple questions for anyone who can answer. I heard a lot of people, like 70%, of EA applicants this year were deferred. Anyone know anything to corroborate this? Also, about how many and what percentage of ED2 applicants will get in, in your opinions? Just want to hear some things that might ease my nerves a bit.

Given that Northeastern’s acceptance rate is around 20%, 70% deferred seems reasonable but anyone giving a concrete number is just guessing or making it up. The only X factor is how many rejections. This wasn’t any different than previous years, either.

It’s been said in official channels that Northeastern intends to take more of its class through ED, so the acceptance rate would be expected to be higher. Remember though, the raw acceptance rate doesn’t say exactly how good your chances are. All anyone can say for sure is your chances in ED are higher than EA/RD. Only way to ease your nerves is to get off CC til you get your decision :upside_down_face:

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Thanks! And yeah, I should probably get off lol

Soooo what are the odds that we’re getting a decision tomorrow, tbh I’m not too hopeful. Does anyone know how many ED II applicants?

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I think the office of Financial Aid accidentally leaked my acceptance. I think I got in, hopefully decisions are tomorrow. I sent them an email about Finan. Aid and they congratulated me on being accepted :slight_smile:


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I think the odds will be high, around 1000 ED II applicants

But that figure would include NU In acceptances.

I mean I havent seen any of the things that last years ED2 applicants saw (ED agreement changing to decision date in portal for example). Im hoping they come out tomorrow.

how are we feeling about our chances of getting a decision tomorrow :eye:

I rlllly want one tmrw but not sure honestly. They’ve been pretty consistent with their normal pattern so far this year.

they found out the change of ED agreement date several hour before the school release the decisions, so we won’t see any changes in our portal today

I don’t think it’s coming out tomorrow, the problem with the “–st Wednesday of the month” pattern is that can change year by year and some years the 1st Wednesday might come way earlier than in other years. Like in ED 1 it used to be the 1st Wednesday of December but in 2019 the 1st was the 4th, several days earlier than it was usually released in the past so they took an extra week and released on the 11th, and they’ve held to the 2nd Wednesday of December this year too. For ED 2, the 1st Wednesday of January this year is the 3rd, several days earlier than it has fallen on in the past, so if the pattern holds, they’ll need until the 10th. I’m def reading too much into this though lmao


I think the only thing that makes this different is that it’s come out on both the 4th and the 5th in the past, which makes me think it might be today.

That’s true, the third isn’t that big of a leap I suppose it just depends on whether this year’s circumstances change things and whether they’ve received a big increase in applicants. I guess we just keep checking every day at 7EST!


GUYSSS someone emailed a counselor today ab when ED2 will come out and they said “very soon keep checking your emails” :eye:


Jesus, who emailed ??