Northeastern University chances

<p>I have wanted to go to Northeastern for as long as I can remember. I plan on applying early action and majoring in business. </p>

<p>GPA- 4.1 weighted
ACT scores- 27 composite (I plan on retaking it in September and NEU also super scores right?)
SAT subject- 680 Chemistry and 620 on Math I (I also plan on retaking the math) </p>

<p>I took honors all throughout high school except I took regents Geometry and regents Alg2/trig </p>

<p>I took AP chemistry junior year and got a 4 on the AP </p>

<p>I play volleyball.. Both varsity and club (winter season) and I will be captain of varsity my senior year </p>

<p>I am a member of NHS and the president of German Club at school and I also took part in an exchange program my sophomore year where I spent the summer in Germany </p>

<p>I work at Cornell University and volunteer at a local science museum once a week</p>