Northeastern University Chances?

I’m a current senior and I was really hoping to get accepted into Northeastern University through regular decision.


SAT - 2190 (CR - 690, M - 800, W - 700)
SAT 2 - 720 Math 2
GPA - 4.0
Class Rank - 20/250

Extra Curricular

Spanish Club
Environmental Club
Film Club
Key Club
Soccer (Varsity)
Tennis (Varsity)
Stage Crew
Volunteer Work - Over 250+ hours

You’re a match. Northeastern emphasizes GPA and SAT scores. Your SAT is up there and within their range. They do tend to like weighted GPAs over a 4.0, but you still are highly qualified for their academics. The worst I can see in your case is a WL.

Thanks for the reply! The only regret that I have is that I wish applied early action instead of regular decision so I could find out tomorrow instead of like in April

what exactly DO they want to see for admission? I am so anxious for my son to get that letter back from them since it is his first choice! He wants to study Neuroscience…

I have pretty similar stats and was accepted through EA. RD might be slightly harder but I think you have a good chance.

You have a really good chance of getting in! I was accepted with an 1830 SAT and 3.77 weighted gpa

I was accepted early action as well and I am fairly certain you will be accepted. These changes could vary based on what you plan on majoring in.

Everything looks good! Northeastern seems like it would be a great match for you. I’m fairly confident you will get in. Best of luck!

Chance back?

looks great

hey just an update, I got accepted to Northeastern University and their program with 45k in all scholarships and grants!

Nice job. Was that $45k/year? I have twin DD’s with 34 ACT and 4.2 weighted GPA’s that will apply EA along with other NE schools in mix as ED candidates

Sorry, yeah that was $45k/year and with those stats, they’ll get in no problem.