Northeastern University, Saint Louis University, or University of Tennessee?

I was wondering if anyone has any input for my college choice. At this point it is between NEU, SLU, and UTK. I am planning on being a biomedical/bio-engineering major with premed. NEU offers co-op opportunities and after undergraduate job placement that the other colleges do not. At SLU I would be an honors student and medical scholar. UTK is giving me a full ride, and at the institution I would be an honors student and engineering honors student. Both NEU and SLU would be the same cost for me (about 10k a year in loans). Is it worth taking out loans each year to go to a non state school? Also, should I pick NEU if I know that I can find a job through their co-ops even though I don’t like the city of Boston that much (I do not like the cold). Please help! I want to hear other opinions!

I love Northeastern for the co-op program, and think it is especially value in certain fields – engineering being one of them. That being said, I wouldn’t go into debt over it if you have a full ride especially because you wouldn’t like living in Boston. UTK is not at the same level academically, but imo engineering is not a field that is particularly prestige heavy, and I think you’d be able to find a job in engineering no matter where you go.