Northeastern university transfer spring 2021

Hey, I noticed that the 2021 transfer for NEU doesn’t have a forum yet. I decided to create this one so we can share our experiences through the process. Deadline is october 1st!

Also applying for Spring 2021 admission! I’m happy to see this thread because it seems like spring transfers are rare.

Have you guys received the portal for NEU? It has been 8 days since my app being submitted.

I haven’t received my NU ID yet either. It has been roughly a week since I submitted my application. I sent them a follow up email today

Hey momatt I submitted my app on the first of this month and the portal link I received seems to just be for the specific college I am applying into that being the college of professional studies. I was given a pin for just that portal and not the other main undergrad portal.

No portal yet over here

I just got the portal link this morning (applied Oct 1), but I already had an account from applying as an undergrad.

hmm I applied mid September, I wonder if I should email them?

Did anyone submit their Mid Term Report or College Report because I’m confused how we are suppose to submit it if we did not receive any grades or final grades for the class

@asong411 You have to go through your school to get the the midterm report and the college report. My school doesn’t do midterm reports so I didn’t have to send it (it’s not required by NEU but its highly recommended). The college report is required. I had to contact 3 or 4 different people at my university to find out how to send the college report. Just contact your school and they’ll either do it for you or tell you how to request them!

I applied on oct 1 and got the portal like two days ago. I applied previously so probably thats why I got it so fast. I have to submit everything by oct 15. I just need the college report.

Hi everyone, I’m also applying for Spring 2021 transfer! Im applying for BA in Fintech. Northeastern is my dream school, I applied in 2018 and was denied. Hopefully this time around it’s different. Good luck to everyone!

Has anyone else still not received their portal link?

I have not

I applied on October 1st and received an email for my portal on the 7th. I think you guys should contact them just in case.

Is anyone else applying as a freshman transfer?

There was something off with my app, all set now. Glad I contacted them- thanks everyone

@asong411 for my midterm report I took what they had linked for mid-term report/college report link on their transfer admissions website and sent to each of my professors and had them sign it individually. I tried to email admissions and my personal counselor and they never got back to me so I asked a friend who applied and got in last semester

Has anyone heard from NEU yet acceptance wise or email wise?

@fran1234567 nope. I think last Spring transfer admissions came out around November 7th and after in waves. I’ll be the first one on here when I find out haha, I’m so anxious, NEU is my top choice, didn’t really apply to others because I really only want to go to NEU…