Northeastern University

What are my chances of being admitted ED?

Weighted GPA: 4.0
ACT: 34
SAT: 1530
Good extracurriculars, Work 20 hours a week, volunteer
Good letters of rec
Intense courseload
Good essay
Very high upward trend, 3.5 freshman year, 4.0 sophomore, and 4.5 junior, giving me a 4.0 average
6 APs including senior year

My son have low scores than yours an was accepted to Political science, I don’t know its is more difficult to other mayors.

You should safely get in and be a candidate for a merit award, based on applicants from our high school

NEVER consider Northeastern (or BU or BC) to be safeties.

Those were my daughter’s stats and she was admitted with a $21K per year scholarship to engineering. We are OOS so IDK, maybe she brought some geographical diversity. We never visited and she never showed any interest.

We are OOS as well (NY) but our HS probably sends 6-10 students there per year.