Northeastern vs Binghamton for CS?

Hi! I was accepted into Northeastern and Binghamton for computer science and am having a hard time choosing between the two. I was also waitlisted at Williams and Cornell and will write both schools letters of continued interest this weekend.


  • known for cs/engineering + has specific program for mixing cs + art
  • co-ops to land good internships + connections
  • known for study abroad programs
  • in boston – city + college town
  • out of state
  • diverse (diverse in identity but also interest and ways of thinking if that makes sense) student body


  • expensive ($60k/yr w/o loans, $50k/yr with loans) Cornell is $50k/yr – my mom said 50k isn’t a huge difference from 60k and if I were going to Cornell it’d be about the same amount butttt I think I should also factor in that Boston is a city and I probably will be going out around the city and spending $. buttt I also don’t exactly know how northeastern’s tuition works bc I would be getting paid while doing co-ops so???


  • cheap ($30k/yr)
  • best suny
  • accepted into FRI program


  • in state
  • in the middle of nowhere (so I’ve heard)
  • not as diverse of a student body
  • party culture ?
  • would feel like i worked hard in hs for nothing

Bing’s best thing is that it’s cheap but I’m not sure I’d be happy there. My mom is saying it’s fine if I go to Northeastern but it’s so expensive :frowning: So really idk what to value more here – where I think I’d be the happiest or the price tag. (I have visited NEU and liked the school–have not visited Bing bc I applied as a safety but now that I was rejected from a lot of my top schools, it comes down to NEU and Bing)

What sounds like the best option/what should I consider in my decision?

I’d avoid the debt and go to Binghamton.

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Shake off all previous notions about Bing. Start with an open mind. Learn everything you can about the school. Find things there that you’ll love - food, spaces to hang out, clubs, activities etc.

Give yourself a few days to get to know Bing. Since it’s the less expensive option, give it a fair shot.


You do not pay tuition while you are on coop. CS majors get the highest coop pay. It would cover your living expenses while on coop and you should have enough to cover pocket money for the next semester.


My daughter and husband went to Bing yesterday, she was giving enough merit to bring it down to in state Rutgers. Another on her short list is Clemson, only because they gave her merit and due to the higher cost (and 2 siblings in college) the cost is below $40,000. She wasn’t wowed at Bing, but unfortunately it’s also mostly virtual and she couldn’t enter any buildings. How much can you pay without loans?

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Yes, Northeastern is expensive but it’s a far, far better school than Bing, which is stocked with partiers and a lot of unimpressive kids from Downstate (sorry if this offends but it’s the truth). I don’t want to take anything away from the many intelligent, decent kids who are stuck there too, but that’s attributed to either finances or the luck of the draw in that crazy game known as college admissions. True story: one top 5% student at a top-ranked Westchester HS reached too far and applied to 18 colleges/universities several years ago; was accepted at only one:Bing. Having no choice, she attended, easily achieved a 4.0, was miserable every day she was there, and transferred out. Now attends a more prestigious, private, far more expensive school and is grateful every day she got out of Bing. I know this individual personally. I felt I should share this story with you to give you food for thought. If you are intelligent, curious, yearn for intellectual stimulation and favor a cosmopolitan vibe, you should not go to Bing if you can afford to go elsewhere. Northeastern is an amazing school.

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If I went to Bing I’d take out no loans which is the biggest plus – I’m not too wowed either

That’s what I was thinking too :frowning_face:
If I went to Bing I know I would transfer somewhere else which would save me money but I wouldn’t be too happy I don’t think.

Have you visited?
Try to give it a fair shot. Email Admissions and ask to be put in touch with current majors. Email leaders or officers for clubs you’d be interested in.

Would your parents have to take on loans for you so you can attend Northeastern?