Northeastern vs CMU for business

summary basically:
northeastern would be so much more fun of a city and cheaper in the long run (more scholarship)
( still a decent business school)

CMU ppl say will give more career recognition and flexibility after graduation…
my parents are willing to pay for CMU but I don’t really know much of the social culture / atmosphere (so many mixed opinions from ppl)

i have the priority waitlist option but i prob won’t get in… but hey just wanted to know some more perspectives!

I 100% think northeastern. im a business major and was looking at both of these schools. CMU has more"prestige" but northeastern will ready you better for the real world. youll be able to experience city life and if you want college parties you can take the train to harvard or MIT. Plus the networking and business opportunities in boston are insane. NEU is a very career focused school and will get you far. Between co-op, global experiences, and network of alumni I think you’ll do amazing there. PLUS its cheaper. There is literally no reason anyone should spend so much money on undergrad. If you decide down the line you want your MBA or to do a career change you’ll be happy that you saved money now. Northeastern was my first choice so im a little bias.

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With the caveat of agreeing with their self stated bias, I generally agree with @spacey11’s points here. Cheaper, better fit, and still solid program with plenty of postgrad opportunities? I think you’ve made your case right there.

Right now there is no decision to be made as you are on CMU’s priority waitlist…so you will have to deposit at NEU by their deposit date. Even if CMU does offer you a spot in May, I agree with the posters above to save your $ and stay with NEU.

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thank u for ur input <3 i luv boston

HAHA thanks <3

ty <3