Northeastern vs CMU for engineering?

I got accepted to both CMU and NEU for engineering and I’m trying to decide between the two. I still have some other schools left to hear back from, too. How much better is CMU’s eng program than NEU?

Besides academics, though, I kind of liked NEU better for the location, size of student population, and the fact there there are so many different students besides STEM oriented students, unlike CMU. They’re at about the same price range for me, and I haven’t toured either school. If anyone had any insight that would be helpful! Thanks

If you’re sure you want Engineering, Carnegie Mellon will open a lot of doors for you.

CMU is significantly stronger than Northeastern in Engineering, both at the undergrad and grad levels. Pitt is right next door, which has all kinds of students. And Pittsburgh is an awesome city.

This is very tricky!
What kind of engineering?
CMU has tiered admission, i.e. you may get into school
of engineering but can’t major in EE or CE.

What’s the end goal?

I haven’t decided yet. Initially I was accepted as a chemE, but know I don’t know. I also don’t know if I want to attend grad school

Students of the nationally ranked Fine Arts school would probably disagree with you. And those from the Dietrich Humanities and Social Sciences school. And the Tepper business school. And Heinz. All 5,000+ of them.


Carnegie Mellon may be most known for its Engineering and CS programs, but it’s very strong all-around. I think it is peers with such schools as Georgetown, Rice, Vanderbilt, Emory, Washington U, and Notre Dame. So it isn’t just a binary club.

Northeastern is a good school in its own right, but I would say that if you are interested in Engineering, CMU definitely has the academic edge.

That isn’t the only fit variable, but next to cost it is probably the most important.