Northeastern vs Drexel for Pubic Health

I’m trying to pick what college I should go to and would appreciate any input! I am between Northeastern’s Bouvé College for their Health science major and Drexel’s Dornsife School for their Public Health major. I didn’t get into Northeastern’s Honors Program but I got into Drexel’s. I also got into Drexel’s STAR program and their accelerated 5 year BS/MPH program. I would be doing at least a 6 moth co-op at both schools and they would both be about the same price for me. Northeastern has a better reputation and is the better ranked school, but I read somewhere that Drexel’s Public Health is better than Northeastern’s. Is this true? I’m also probably going to be on the pre-med track and don’t know which school is better for that in terms of academics, internships, etc. I’m also not sure how much what school I go to will affect what medical school I could get into. I’m also worried about not fitting in socially at Drexel and feel like I might fit in better at Northeastern, but I’m pretty flexible and think that I could find my niche anywhere. Also, location wise, Drexel is closer to home for me than Northeastern is and it would also be warmer.


they would both be the same cost - around 50k

For pre-med, GPA/MCAT and experience are some of the most important things. Undergrad reputation is very far down on the importance list. Co-op at both will give you good medical opportunities and while Boston is quite the medical hub Philly is pretty solid too.

In terms of honors, look at what having honors actually affects. Sometimes they are more of a marketing/ego boost than a real advantage while other honors programs can be drastically different.

In terms of rank/reputation, you’re going to get way more speculation than answers when comparing these. At the end of the day, both are sufficient and well set up programs as far as I’m aware. I wouldn’t try to split ranking hairs when other differences are in play.

What stood out as differences to me here based on what you posted:

  1. Drexel seems to offer you addition programs
  2. Northeastern may be the better social fit
  3. Drexel is closer to home and preferable weather

The questions for me would be:

  1. What’s the advantage of honors and the special programs at Drexel and how much do they change the experience?
  2. What do I care about more / has the bigger difference - social fit at Northeastern or weather and proximity to home at Drexel?

Congrats on two solid options!