Northeastern vs Indiana for Business

So I absolutely love Northeastern I’m in the NU in program but it is really expensive and I got no money. Indiana was pretty cool too but its not as prestigious as Northeastern. Do you think going to northeastern for business (specifically investment banking) is worth the 20k difference in price.
p.s. I’m out of state

Hey! Congrats on those schools, they’re both amazing. So first off Northeastern has an amazing co-op program that really helps with finding jobs, but only to an extent. If you have to graduate with thousands of dollars in debt it may not be worth it. Indiana has an outstanding business school, and if you can go there for 20k less, I would take it, as long as you can see yourself being happy at Indiana’s campus. If you absolutely love Boston and think you could get more out of Northeastern, go there. Make sure you place enough importance on the vibes you get from a school, and not just which one has the best program.

Good luck, I really hope you find the right place for you!

I agree with the poster above and to add on for investment banking specifically Indiana Kelley places better than northeastern. If you get into the selective Ibanking workshop at Indiana you have a very high chance of getting into banking.

@17vermas and @obsessedwcollege here’s the pros and cons for both:

Amazing Co-op
I can co-op in LA and NY
Get paid and hands on experience
Study at the London school of economics in the summer
Start school in China
Near other colleges like Harvard which my friend goes to
Not a huge party school
Greek life isn’t huge

Business isn’t ranked as high as IU
Super expensive $$$
Lacks school spirit
People aren’t really into sports
People are always coming and going
close to home

Ib workshop
Business school
School spirit
Everyone loves basketball
More fun than NEU

Too much partying
Greek life is ride or die
Not prestigious
Not selective
Not diverse

Initially I was IU all the way until yesterday when I went to the admitted student day and feel in love

Another thing to consider is that at IU I can graduate in 3 yrs bc ap credits and northeastern is 5 yrs. Please help!! Idk which one to pick!!!

What it comes down to, in my opinion, is how much the money matters to your family. If your family can, without financial burden, pay for Northeastern then go for it. You should go where you’re happy. If they can’t realistically pay for it and you have to go into a large amount of debt then Indiana makes a lot more sense.

I’m gonna take the other side here. IU is very prestigious, assuming you got into their business school. According to a major investment banking forum, there is a list of 50 universities ranked on what percentage of the total recruiting efforts from investment banking companies spend on campus.

Indiana is number 13. Northeastern did not make the top 50.

It sounds like like finances are an issue, so don’t ignore that. Student debt can last until your 30s.

Thanks for the help everyone I really appreciate it. Also I was saying the overall school name.

were you a direct admit for kelley?

If you have a direct admit to Kelley I’d say that is the higher ranked school for business and i would not pay that much more for Northeastern.