Northeastern vs SCAD - Game Design

Hey all, I’m currently trying to finalize my college stuff for next fall and I’m having trouble deciding between the game design programs at these two schools. They’re very different but I’m having trouble finding good info on graduates from either school. I was pretty much decided on SCAD as I love the campus but then I started thinking more about the other students and general academics and started having second thoughts. I’ve always been as much an academic student as an artist and looking at the typical students that go to SCAD, I feel like I’d have trouble meshing at all with any of them and don’t want to be stuck somewhere that I can’t connect with anyone. I also don’t want to totally abandon my academics which is where northeastern could be much better.
I should also mention that ultimately I wish to be more of a game designer than a game artist, but from what I’ve read, it’s easier to transition to this role tangentially from a role like artist. I was much more impressed by the scad program as the work I saw from the NU program seemed somewhat weak.
Does anyone have any info on which program will be more useful for me to be somewhere good afterwards? Also if any scad students or alums could give comment on the kinds of students that are at scad – are there any more academic, I guess ‘nerdy’, kinds of students there?
Sorry for the wall of text, I just don’t want to make a bad choice here.
Thanks in advance for any insight you guys can give me


@Douzi10 what did you finally decide?

If you want to be more of a game designer than a game artist, I would recommend Northeastern. SCAD is going to focus on the art side of this; Northeastern is going to have more classes in computer science and engineering that you can use to supplement your art to understand game design in general. Northeastern also partners with some big names in gaming - Unity, EA, Square Enix. And I’m pretty sure Boston is a better place for getting an internship in gaming or connecting with the tech community than Savannah. PAX East is in Boston every year!