Northeastern vs. UVM

<p>Any thoughts on these two schools? thanks</p>


-Boston is a great city
-Very good reputation
-Good dorms
-Close to home
-i will most likely know many people going to school in the area</p>

-Dangerous area of Boston (?)
-city may be overwhelming
-have not heard much about environmental science program (my probable major)
-Lack of campus community because of the surrounding city (?)</p>


-Burlington is a nice town with many outdoor opportunities
-Good size
-Very good environmental programs</p>

-3.5 hours away
-cold weather
-nearest major city is 2 hours away (Montrael)
-reputation does not seem to be as good as Northeastern's
-small dorms</p>

<p>While they both have areas of excellence, I don't think Northeastern is perceived as academically superior to UVM. Given your interest in enviro, the choice seems pretty obvious, unless you really want to live in Boston.</p>

<p>Northeastern is more critically acclaimed but UVM is toe to toe with Northeastern academically. Northeastern just has that extra edge of prestige.</p>

<p>UVM is known as the public Ivy, so...prestige is a small question here.</p>

<p>UVM, for sure.</p>

<p>Given your interest in environmental science, I'd have to go with UVM as well. It is one of the greenest universities in the country, and I do the 3.5 hour drive home all the time. It isn't a big deal.</p>

<p>I HAVE THAT SAME DILEMMA! except i want to know who's premed program is better? and which place i'd gain more experience. i plan to major in neuroscience.</p>

<p>i was thinking, if the swine flu epidemic expands, boston probably has a higher chance of being affected than burlington, because it's a city (yea, not a deep assumption). and it can be good and bad. bad in the sense that i might die. good in the sense that i have an opportunity to experience a hit on epidemic area. but then, let's all hope that this epidemic calms down. because there's nothing nice about swine.</p>

<p>^ Trust me the epidemic will die down by the fall lol. UVM has the better Pre-Med program for sure. They have a med school if you want to apply to the accelerated program too.</p>

<p>thanks for your answers. since i'm not 100% about my major, what are the best programs at UVM, and what are Northeastern's best programs?</p>

<p>^ For UVM, biology and any of the sciences/maths are good. For Northeastern, business is the big program.</p>