Northeastern?! WHAT SHOULD I DO?

<p>I have been having trouble deciding whether to go a route ending with a masters in Physician Assistant or a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.....
NOW i have options to choose from, which is making my decision even harder!</p>

<p>For PA ive been accepted into Seton Hall and Drexel....for PT Ive been accepted into Northeastern.......GAH</p>

<p>What route is better? Which school is the best? Northeastern Vs Seton Hall?!?!?!?
Help me please!!!!!</p>

<p>I've been accepted by northeastern (drexel also) and think I can shed some light. Neu is pretty well known for the physical therapy program being very good. But their main selling point (one of the reasons it's my number one) is the co-op program. You will be a step above the rest when you start looking for employment because you will have 18 months of experience. But it depends on what field you're more interested in and other factors also but yeah. Neu is the place to go if you're worried ab job security after college</p>

<p>My understanding from a few students I've known (I'm in the south) is that physical therapy is very competitive to get into postgrad, but PA programs are not as much.</p>

<p>All of these programs I have been accepted into guarantee direct entry into the graduate portion.</p>

<p>PA and PT are not the same career as you know. Which do you prefer? Also, which school offers the best financial aid package?</p>