Northwestern 2025!

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Has anyone been contacted for an interview?

nope! i submitted like a week ago. they might wait to contact for interviews until the official deadline on jan 3rd, though.

Thanks for letting me know! I also submitted a week ago and wasn’t sure if those who applied earlier got priority

My daughter was contacted 2 days ago for an interview. She submitted her application on 11/1.

did you guys get a portal yet? I submitted like a couple days ago

I did but I applied 12/29. I wouldn’t worry for a few days-I’m sure the office is reopening today and behind with Christmas and New Years vacation, etc.

My daughter submitted on 12/31 and doesn’t have anything yet either.

hey good luck fellow applicants! i applied 12/18 and had my interview 12/28! wishing you all the best!

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Is this interview that you register for or is it personally requested my NW?

I got a mail saying I could register for one and the deadline was Jan 9

i was sent an email to submit the interview request form, and shortly after i got an email from an alumni in my area i interviewed with

My daughter applied on 12/28, and yesterday she got the email about requesting the interview. Good luck everyone!

Has anyone RD gotten an interview request?

Yes. My daughter applied 12/31, received offer to interview on 1/6, and interviewed 1/11.

My D applied RD. Her interview is later this week. From what I understand it’s very hit or miss based on alumni availability so I don’t think you should be concerned if you haven’t heard from anyone yet (or at all).

If I requested an interview, am I guaranteed to receive one? Does Northwestern only interview their most qualified applicants, or is it random?

Who does Northwestern send the request to?

Does everyone who selected science receive a letter about applying to ISP?

My daughter got the email too.

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