Northwestern Chances

<p>Hey...ok so I know there are so many of these here is another chance thread. I am a soph (almost Junior!!). All this info is what will be there by the end of my senior year. And I have a feeling that I have no chance but I am going to try to work really hard on all of this. Give me your advice please because I really want to go to Northwestern!</p>

<p>In case people want to know I want to go here to do pre-med.....I want to be an endocrinologist=D</p>

<p>SAT: 2300 (around this range; will work on it)
ACT:30 (will work on this too)
Weighted GPA: 4. 57
Unweighted GPA: don't doesn't do it
Class Rank: 19/around 1200
Type of School: Public, Neuqua Valley High School, very competitive</p>

<p>AP Classes (tentative schedule by senior year, don't have all scores):
AP World History(4), AP European History, AP English III, AP Chemistry, AP US History, AP English IV, AP Calc BC, AP Physcology, AP Biology, AP Environmental Chem, and AP Physics....this is tentative. </p>

<p>Community College Classes:
Anatomy and Physiology and MAYBE Genetics(three college credits)</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars (I know I have to improve but give me some adivce and this is at the end of senior year BTW):
Science Olympiad-3 years
REACH (Service Club)- 4 years
Model UN-3 years
Aspiring Medical Professionals Club-Vice President-3 years
Volunteering At Hospital-2 and 1/2 years
Junior Statesmen of America-2 years
Orchestra(at school)-2 years
Violin-8 years</p>

<p>Tell me what you think. And also tell me where I can improve because I still have 2 years to improve! Thanks!!!=D</p>

<p>Just wait until the middle to end of your junior year...we dont have an UW GPA or any real test scores so there really is no way to chance you.</p>

<p>Neuqua huh?
i go to north! haha and of course, our school is better.
im also considering NU, wierd.<br>
ok but to ur chances, pretty good
extra curriculars are very good, how many service hours do you have?
and as a side note, how are u getting 2300 on the SAT but a 30 on ACT.
a 30 on the ACT corresponds to a 2000 and a 2300 on SAt is a 34/35.</p>

<p>You go to North? Weird that in the big wide internet there are no Napervillians on this one thread. And I totally disagree....Go Wildcats...and if I get into NW I will still be a Wildcat=) </p>

<p>As for how do my SAT/ACT scores work out....I have no idea. I have studied a lot more for the SAT though so maybe that is why. The ACT score was my first time taking it with no classes/prep/any studying at all so yea. And for the volunteering I don't know how many hours that is but I will check and repost.</p>

<p>To save people from the irritation of yet another chancing thread, I was wondering if you could chance me in here. I am currently finishing my junior year of high school, but these are my stats so far. Oh, and I'm not sure if it matters, but I'm an Asian female.</p>

GPA: 4.0 unweighted, 4.8 weighted
3rd in my class (approximately 400 people)
AP Classes-
Sophomore- Calc I & Calc II (5 on both)
Junior- AP Statistics, AP Psychology, AP Biology I and II, expect a 5 on AP Bio and Psych
Senior- Expecting to take AP Environmental, AP Chemistry I and II, and AP Language</p>

<p>Test Scores:
SAT I Math: 760
SAT I Reading: 730
SAT I Writing: 690
Total: 2180</p>

<p>Taking the SAT Subject tests for Math 1 and Biology next week, expect over 700 on both.</p>

<p>I have a scientific internship at the National Cancer Institute at Fort Detrick throughout this summer and throughout my senior year, so I will have a lot of research experience and hands on experience (PCR, gel electrophoresis, etc).</p>

<p>Extra curriculars-
National Honor Society
Key Club
Junior Club
Sophomore Club
Freshman Club
In the Maryland Distinguished Scholar Program
Have a Certificate of Meritorious Service
Volunteer at the nearby elementary school
Volunteer at a Chinese school (teaching piano)
Varsity Indoor and Outdoor track since freshman year
Cross Country
Made the first cut for the National Merit Scholarship, waiting for the next cut
Some other stuff</p>

<p>You're a very solid candidate. Your transcript, scores and ECs are all quite strong, although they fall short of putting you in the category of a virtual sure thing. If NU is at the top of your list, I would consider ED.</p>

<p>Hey, does NU provide full aid to internationals? And do they waive application fees for them? I am just asking this to confirm...............</p>

<p>from experience, there is full aid for internationals but you have to be absolutely amazing. it is definitely not need blind. especially after the endowment went down by like 2.5 Bil, i would not count on full aid.</p>

<p>Amythechinesekid, you should probably start a new thread.</p>

<p>man.. not even a junior and already making chance threads.. haha</p>

<p>I'm guessing your 4.57 is including your fourth semester... that's solid. UW GPAs are pretty easy to calculate. I'm guessing you have a 4.0 since you probably have 4 weighted classes/7 classes at Neuqua.</p>

<p>You've got a good plan in terms of extracurricular activities and class schedules. You also have a great SAT score. If you follow through, you should have a great shot getting into NU considering I know at least 4 people who got in from your school this year ;)</p>