Northwestern College (Orange City, IA)

<p>I have been wondering about Northwestern for a while. Can anyone tell me more about this school? I am considering applying there and becoming a Nursing major. Is there anything I need to know about this school before I apply?</p>

My daughter attends Dordt, which is in the town next to Orange City. We also looked at Northwestern. Northwestern has an excellent reputation and we really liked the school when we visited it. Friendly students and teachers, pretty campus, strong academics. It's Dutch Reformed, like Dordt. It's in a VERY rural area, so I think that's important to know, if you're not familiar with that part of Iowa. But the students seem to make their own fun and tend to stick around on weekends. The town is very safe, clean, conservative. Sorry, I'm not at all familiar with their nursing program, but have heard alot of kids go there for pre med and good medical school placement. Best wishes to you! If you haven't already decided, you may want to visit Dordt while you're there, it's just a 10 minute drive and my daughters has several friends at Dordt who are nursing majors and very happy with the program at Dordt, just an fyi if you're interested.</p>

<p>Thanks! I will certainly look into it!</p>

<p>Northwestern College has a very good nursing program. It's accredited and they have good success with their graduates passing boards and getting good jobs. I hear it's become a popular program.</p>