Northwestern, Cornell, or Georgetown?

<p>Which is generally perceived as the best?
Funnily enough, my older brother got accepted to Northwestern a few years ago and threw away his acceptance letter because he didn't know it was a good school (where I'm from most people don't go to college).
But anyway, I just wanted to know which one is generally considered the strongest, and which you all think I could get into (I did this before but didn't get much of a response and am really just trying to narrow it down to 1 or 2 to apply to).
My stats:
my hs stats were:
rank: 2/170
vice-pres key club
captain of the academic team, district champions, featured on Brain Game TV Show
Varsity letters in tennis, soccer, and cross country - captain in tennis
Army reserve scholar/athlete award
Ohio high school athletic association scholar/athlete award
Arion Award for musical achievement
First seat trumpet, "screech trumpet" squad leader
high school most outstanding senior male award
ohio board of regents academic scholarship (highest combined GPA/ACT in school)
7 AP tests taken (3 5's, 2 4's, 2 3's)
AP scholar award junior year
AP scholar with distinction award senior year
3.99 uw gpa, 4.66 w gpa
33 ACT (only took once)
2-time student director of high school musical, lead role senior year
WTOV-TV 9 Award, Top of the (ohio) Valley (featured on TV)
sole recipient of departmental awards in english, business/econ, and spanish
Two leadership awards (one was to a state conference)</p>

<p>college stats (at ohio state):
GPA: 3.8
Courses last quarter: honors philosophy 101 (A-), Calc 2 (A-), honors anthropology 200 (A)
Courses this quarter: honors theater 100, spanish 103.66, anthropology 300
Udergrad Economics Society
Research assistant to anthropology Ph.D. candidate (I help him analyze artifacts he found)
Circle K member </p>


<p>If it's worth anything, I'm at Ohio State on a full ride (tuition, room and board, and a stipend of 2k per quarter). I don't know if any top schools would see that as anything special, though, or even how I'd include it on my app, or if I even should.</p>

<p>Cornell, in my opinion, is the best simply because it is an ivy. However, it truly depends on what major you are looking for. If I were to narrow it down to the two most prestigious schools, Northwestern and Cornell would be my choices. The Applied Economics & Managment program at Cornell is very well recongized, same for the journalism major at Northwestern. To be honest, both schools are excellent choices. You really can't go wrong.</p>

<p>If you wanna go by rankings, Northwestern is highest ranked, Cornell is slightly below, then Georgetown. Each have their strengths - for example, if you wanna study Pol Sci/International Relations, Gtowns the place to be. But when it comes to these top schools, they're all gonna give you a good education, so pick based on fit. What's your major?</p>

<p>Think about location...Cornell's in the middle of nowhere, Gtown's in DC, Northwestern's near Chicago...what kind of environment are you looking for?</p>

<p>i agree that it comes down to location, unless you want to do engineering, in which case cornell is the best.</p>

<p>Northwestern is 1 spot ahead of Cornell this year after being behind last year, the rankings don't mean anything when it is that close. Cornell probably has the most prestige and best financial aid of the three, certainly has much better aid for transfers than Northwestern if that is a concern (not sure about Georgetown). Which is best for you depends on what you are majoring in and what you are looking for in a school. All are highly respected and excellent schools though.</p>

<p>thanks, guys. and yeah, my major is econ. and cornell is my number 1 right now simply because they're the best with financial aid. location really doesn't matter to me.
then again, it will probably just come down to where i'm accepted.</p>

<p>Oh, I also placed sixth in the tri-state debate league junior year with two best speaker awards, and placed in the top ten (best in the school both years) senior year.
I was also a two-time Ohio Valley Athletic Conference All-Conference Academic Team member, was in SADD, and was a lead trumpet in the jazz band.</p>

<p>Cornell....duh :rolleyes:</p>