Northwestern Early Decision applications increase 12 percent this year

“Northwestern received its most Early Decision applications ever this year. Prospective students submitted 3,022 Early Decision applications to the University as of the Nov. 1 deadline — an increase of about 12 percent over Early Decision applications last year.”

Not surprising since the odds of getting accepted are much higher with ED.

@anonymous26 - The odds are much higher, as is typical for ED everywhere, yet as I understand it in past years the stats of those admitted both RD and ED are very similar after adjusting for recruited athletes, Questbridge, etc. The ED pool tends to be very strong.

Best of luck to all who are applying and Go Cats!!

@MomCares Go Cats!

ED is the way to go for kids who have a clear top choice, as was the case for our MT D. Our science S was undecided, so for him RD was a better option. A fringe benefit of ED for our MT was saving all the money we’d have spent on audition trips!