Northwestern Early Decision apps up 14 percent

<p>[The</a> Daily Northwestern : Despite Common App glitches, Northwestern early decision apps up 14 percent](<a href=“]The”></p>

<p>Despite issues with the Common Application, early decision applications to Northwestern for the class of 2018 increased about 14 percent from last year.</p>

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<p>"(Northwestern) certainly continues to be a popular school both nationally and internationally," Watson said. </p>

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<p>Watson added that NU’s increased presence in the news has also played a role.</p>

<p>“We certainly are a more visible university,” he said. “The president travels quite a bit, and a lot of what happens on campus makes national news.”</p>

<p>Watson said about 40 percent of the class of 2018 will be filled by early decision applicants.</p>

<p>Michael Goran, director of Los Angeles-based ********* College Counseling, agreed NU has gained more recognition over the years with students both nationally and internationally.</p>

<p>“It’s certainly moved far beyond the regional base that perhaps it once held to being a true national and international university,” he said. “That familiarity certainly has contributed to its rise in applications.”</p>

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<p>I assume ED applicants will get your decisions this week, and remember what a nerve-wracking and exciting time this is. Best of luck to all of you!!</p>

<p>Congratulations to NU’s ED class of 2018!!</p>

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<p>Northwestern admitted 925 early decision applicants Thursday evening, filling about 45 percent of the class of 2018.</p>

<p>This cycle marks the largest number of students accepted through early decision in NU history, up from 43 percent last year. The Office of Undergraduate Admission received 2,863 applications, about a 16 percent increase from last year.</p>

<p>[The</a> Daily Northwestern : Northwestern admits nearly 1,000 to class of 2018 during early decision period](<a href=“]The”></p>