Northwestern ED chances?

<p>Hi! This is my first time on CC and I really want to get some insight from other members about college stuff. So I am leaning towards doing early decision at Northwestern University, but I am not sure how "great" my stats are so far to get in...please let me know what you think! </p>

~Rising high school senior
~Mediocre public high school in Illinois

~GPA: Unweighted 4.0 Weighted 5.89/6.0
~Rank: Unweighted 1/565 Weighted 1/565
~Course load: In general, all honors and AP classes
~ AP classes:
10th grade: AP Gov (5) AP Psych (5)
11th grade: AP US History (?) AP Chem (?)
12th grade: <strong>planning</strong> AP Calc, AP Lit, AP Env Science
~ ACT: 32
~ SAT II: US History-770 Chemistry-710 Math-660</p>

~School Activities: NHS, Interact (exec board for 3yrs), Student Council Rep, Congressional Debate (1st place speaker at conference), Class Council Rep, South Asian Club, Marching Band (One year, but 1st chair flute)
~Work: Park District pool for three years
~Volunteer: Hospital 175hrs, School tutor 23hrs, <strong>Most clubs are about volunteering too</strong>
~Other: Relay for Life, NYLC Model Congress, Flute Ensemble Contest (1st place), Science Fair (State winner, but in 7th and 8th grade)</p>

<p>More things will be added to my "Stats" by the time I actually apply since I haven't started my senior year, but this is it for now! Thoughts?</p>

<p>You look good as an applicant, but I'd try to raise up the ACT a little and find some ECs you really want to focus on. I'd say you have a decent shot.</p>