Northwestern ED vs. Cornell ED

<p>I plan on majoring in Economics and have found both Cornell and Northwestern to be significantly prestigous in the field. The only question is to determine where I should use my single Early Decision. </p>

<p>I do not find much a difference, but I ask for viewers to contribute the prestige difference and to answer which one will give me a better chance of getting accepted. </p>


<p>You're applying for the prestige factor? Really? In terms of ED rates and economic "prestige", I'm sure they're about the same. Focus on other reasons on why you would choose a school (i.e. quality of life, location, undergrad population, food, etc).</p>

<p>If you really want prestige in economics, apply to UChicago. They have the best economics program in the country, hands-down.</p>

<p>As between NU and Cornell, apply ED to the school you would prefer to attend. Period.
They are both great.
My kids (one of whom is a senior econ major at NU, the other of whom might choose econ as a second major at another top school) simply didn't like Cornell, so it wasn't close for them even though they would have had great odds of ED acceptances coming from our school district. But they are both great schools and you can't lose.</p>

<p>If you are suicidal you might consider cornell.. Oh wait they built a new over the gorges so too bad. Sorry bad joke. </p>

<p>In all seriousness nu is probably a step ahead I'd say because of it's connection to kellogg and Chicago in general.</p>

<p>**a net is what I meant to say</p>

<p>Both institutions are excellent. </p>

<p>However, Northwestern ECON is more than a step up from Cornell's I say. If you look at the USNWR Rankings</a> - Economics - Graduate Schools - Education - US News and World Report you see that NU's PA score is 4.7, while Cornell's is 3.9. While I'm not one to usually brandish these rankings, a PA score jump of .8 is huge.</p>

<p>That being said, no doubt Cornell is better than NU is other fields. If you really want econ, look at UChicago, MIT, Princeton etc. Northwestern is amongst the top elite schools for econ, but Cornell has yet to come close. I'm sure, however, that Cornell's econ is no joke either. Best of luck.</p>

That's for graduate school. Unless I'm missing something, the OP is referring to undergrad.</p>

<p>^unless you haven't noticed, there's no undergrad ranking for department programs. the graduate ranking is the closest predictor of undergrad ranking if there was one.</p>

the graduate ranking is the closest predictor of undergrad ranking if there was one.


<p>Oh that makes sense. I'll keep that in mind.</p>

<p>Hope there's no sarcasm in there!</p>

<p>This is actually the decision that I am making, except for the fact that it is basically for sciences and engineering. I'm visiting Cornell for the second time this weekend to really decide. NU is an awesome place and the academics at both are wonderful. It is such a hard Decision. This one doesn't come down to Ivy vs. Non-ivy or anything of this sort. It is really about person preference. With which ever I pick... I think I will truly be happy.</p>

<p>@ cosine45</p>

<p>Exactly as aabbcc1789 says. The PA score here reflects the reputation of the economics department of a particular school, and obviously this plays a role in the quality of professors and consequently the quality of the econ major at said school (in this case, NU or Cornell).</p>

<p>@twlazelek Good luck in deciding! I had to make this choice and chose NU, but regardless of your decision have a happy countenance :P</p>

<p>Our ECON department website is pathetic, especially considering how high the department is ranked. Does any one of you feel the same? There's no "News" section. It's like they don't want others to know how good they are! Where's the marketing, for which, our Kellogg is supposed to be the king?!</p>

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<p>^ I agree. Northwestern needs to work on it's web presence. Even the admissions site feels so last decade.</p>

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<p>^ I agree as well haha. Good thing they updated the Weinberg website--it's a lot better looking. They should do the same to some of the other department websites and even the undergraduate department website~</p>