NORTHWESTERN HPME info/chances?!

<p>hey guys, just wanted to get some chances!
i have a 3.8 UW gpa, 4.2 weighted (10 AP's through HS)
ACT: 35 Composite (35 E 35 M 36 R 32 S)
SAT II: taking Math 2, literature and chemistry (should i take world history too?) but i'm expecting to get about a 750 on all, except 800 on math.
NMF, NHS 2 years (probably president/vice president senior year)
2 years of tennis (captain 1 year)
1 year football
2 years basketball
1 year pole vault (freshman county champion)
3 years lacrosse (captain 1 year JV)
I volunteer at sunday school every weekend, and in the summers i paint murals and plant gardens in detroit</p>

<p>I'm white (jewish).</p>

<p>i wanna know my chance of getting an interview, and i am also planning on volunteering at a hospital to boost my app (i decided i wanna go to medical school about 2 months ago), so i wanna know what i should do that is medical related my senior year to boost my chances.
also, i want to know anything you know about the program that i should know.

<p>bump bump,</p>

<p>anybody who knows?</p>


<p>I'd like to say HPME is one of the most competitive programs out there, like really competitive. As it stands, your gpa is not very competitive. Additionally, you are only now trying to do medical related activities when you should have been doing them for a couple of years by now. At this rate an interview does not seem very likely. Have you tried requesting the HPME application yet?</p>