Northwestern Majors!!!

<p>After graduating from college I plan on going to medical school, I plan on either majoring in biochemistry, biophysics, or molecular biology (defenitely not premed) or double majoring in 2 of the 3. Which is best for medical school preparation? If Northwestern offers this as a major how does its program compare to other schools? I'm open to all opinions.</p>

<p>You can major in anything. But I will warn you that the competition for majors in biology, biomedical engineering, etc. are higher than if you major in something like English or Art History for med school. All they care is that you take the necessary pre-med courses and do well in them.</p>

<p>a bio-related engineering degree is supposed to look the best for going into med (pre-med is definitely not a competitive choice) - you could talk to an admissions officer for a med school you're interested in or maybe a doctor and ask them, they'd probably know best</p>

<p>There isn't really any "best" major for medical schools. All you have to do is take the required pre-med courses and do well in them (most likely an A). Pursue whatever major you want to.</p>