Northwestern Regular Decision Fall 2022 Admissions

chance me!
Applied RD with
4.6 W/3.94 UW
35 [ACT]
pretty strong ECs (with leadership) and essays
Studio Arts Major with solid portfolio!
(OOS, Private high school in OC, CA)

I just wanted to get a feel for what I should expect!

Thanks in advance!!

Maybe try registering again using the original email. It wouldn’t make sense for them to not send confirmation emails unless the registration didn’t actually register.

Just wanted to make you all aware that these are alumni who are volunteering their time to interview candidates. There is a regional coordinator that will let the alumni know who has requested an interview and then the alumni will reach out if they have time available. With all that is going on right now, things may be delayed.

You do not have to have an interview to be admitted.


You have impressive stats.
For a Studio Arts major, the portfolio is more of a deciding factor.

Did not receive a confirmation email after I signed up but received and completed an interview about a month after signing up.

*I did receive a confirmation email

The registration links were only good for about 5 days, maybe less. But she got an interview request this weekend, so I guess it did go through.

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I emailed them. They responded saying that the registration was successful and that they were still trying to find volunteers to match


My D in NY was contacted today for an interview scheduled in a few days.

I applied to the College of Arts and Sciences as a prospective International Studies major, but I received an email about ISP (which, according to the email, was sent to students who indicated a desire to major in science or mathematics)… Did this happen to anyone else? I’m a bit confused as to what that would mean

I received the email as well. With a quick google search, I found that it holds almost no significance in terms of acceptance to the actual university. It’s pretty much just a marketing email that is separate from your actual Northwestern application.

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Got email also that interviews reached capacity in our area
Oh, well
They do not seem to interested

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similar case here, no interviewer available :disappointed:

Same here although we pretty much registered in the first 30 seconds after receiving the e-mail.

No interviewer available for my RD son; they have reached capacity in our area (mid-atlantic). Is this a bad sign?

I personally took it as a bad sign, but who knows

Same here in the midwest…Trying to keep optimism alive…

My Kiddo got that email as well.

On our last visit, we had spoken with one of the professors involved with ISP.

ISP is a very intense program (akin to an Honors program) at Northwestern meant for more “nerdy” kids who want a challenging dose of the science curriculum. They have different curriculum and distribution requirements. It is a very competitive program and well-reputed.

Same here for my kiddo - no interviewer available.
The email indicated it will not affect the admission decision.

I can’t imagine the interview making any difference whatsoever. My son said his interviewer knew his name and THAT’S IT! He said the interviewer didn’t really ask much at all and was basically just there to answer his questions. No insightful questions on their part from what he told me.

You signed up for an interview which is probably the same level of “importance” as actually having one. Just my opinion though…

Best of luck to all!