Northwestern Theater BA (MT certification) v. NYU Tisch

<p>My son has gotten into the Communications dept for theater at Northwestern and hopes to audition into the MT certificate next year. He has also been accepted at NYU Tisch for the BFA program. He is at a loss as to what to do–Northwestern seems to be an intellectually challenging, well rounded program v. a more specific actor training program at Tisch. He loves intellectual challenges but does hope to make his future in musical theater in some form so is anxious that he should be getting as much specific training as possible by going to Tisch. Please help with any thoughts/ advice!! (if you just want to tell him what to do that’s okay too!!)</p>

<p>In case anyone else was interested, there is an active discussion on this topic at NYU/ Tisch Forum. :-D</p>

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<p>For what it's worth, D says that every serious MT kid at NU who did any auditions was also admitted to NYU/Tisch (then again, she says every person in the world owns an iPhone), so there is apparently lots of crossover in applicants between the two programs (no surprise I suppose). ;-D</p>