Northwestern Transfer

I feel like I’ve looked FOREVER for something about transfer students but I can never find anything.
My Highschool GPA is 2.2 ( I moved out when I was 16 and that year my GPA dropped) but my senior year I started college as a full time student and my GPA for college is 3.8. I recently just graduated Highschool and finished my first year as a college student. I have three years of French and I’ve been to French competitions at a college.
I also am a certified EMT since I’ve taken classes in the summer and passed all my state and national boards.

My SAT scores where 1300 or 1400 I’m not quite sure but I was thinking about retaking them anyways.
I volunteer at the Red Cross and volunteer doing other events like “Walk a Mile In Her Shoes”.
I was just wondering if anyone knows if this is a good start to start applying to Northwestern? It’s totally my reach school but I have my heart set on it, any advice would be so appreciated!