Northwestern Unique Qualities

<p>In the Why Northwestern? Essay, Northwestern asks for unique qualities of Northwestern and the undergrad school you're applying to that make you want to attend NU.
I wrote a first draft of an essay in response to the prompt, but it was critiqued for being "too specific" and not talking enough about NU's "unique qualities." I talked a lot about specific programs at the university (like my intended major and possible minors / certificates, NU's new composting program, film classes, and a wide selection of social science classes), but not about broad, overarching themes at NU (like small classes, a liberal arts education, and emphasis on research [even though I mentioned specific things I want to research]), or things I thought everyone else would talk about that don't really compel me to attend NU (like freshman seminars and involved professors). Those things seemed, to me, too general / overused to write about.
So what does NU really want when it asks for its "unique qualities"? Should I include broad themes to appease NU's admissions dept?</p>

<p>TRK - Actually the best advice I have heard is … while they are looking for you to identify the things that draw you to NU, more importantly, they are looking for you to tie those things to how you will contribute to the University. For example, you may identify that you are excited about the opportunity to participate in research as an UG. How will that opportunity help you develop and how will it let you contribute to the university? Yes I am sure they want to see that you understand and find appealing specific aspects of NU. But this is another opportunity to identify what you can bring to the university.</p>

<p>When you talk about specific things, I think that shows that you actually care a lot. Knowing that it’s near Chicago and that it’s great academically isn’t as good as knowing I like this program, this class, etc. In my opinion you will seem more interested if you show that you have researched specific things.</p>

<p>Could you guys look over my essay if I PM it to you?</p>

<p>Happy to take a look.</p>

<p>I can take a look at your essay too! PM me.</p>

<p>I can take a look at it too. I’m good with essays.</p>

<p>I’d be happy to take a look at your essay!</p>

<p>I could read it for you too, if you still need it.</p>

<p>If I didn’t PM it to you its because I was on vacation and I turned the app in before I left (on the 25th). Thanks for all the help, and the offers to help.</p>

<p>@AnotherGuy @WiredLocke can someone please, please read my northwestern essay? i’m planning to submit it by this friday!</p>

<p>I can if you need!</p>

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<p>Of course, your id says it all :-)</p>

could somebody look at some of my essays as well?

I am NOT reading your essay…but the new NU add campaign is “AND”. They want well-rounded kids that have an INTEREST IN MORE THAN 1 AREA. So for example, you might be a STEM kid - but also interested in theater, or history, or sports.

MMSS and ISP are pretty unique

is this thread still active? :stuck_out_tongue: im writing my supplements and i’d gladly read over yours if you like!

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