Northwestern University Chances?

<p>Ok, I just started my junior year of high school. As of now, these are my stats:
4.0 GPA (unweighted)- I come from a rural area that doesn't offer AP classes, but I have taken the most rigorous courses offered as well as some dual credit classes. I am currently number one in my class.</p>

<p>My projected ACT score (I haven't taken it yet, but I have taken the Plan test, which is sort of the equivalent of a pre-ACT) is about 30-32. I have been studying for a while now and I'll have been prepping for about 10 months before the test. Hopefully this will help my scores.
As for extracurriculars, my main three are FFA, Technology Student Association, and National Honor Society. I have held chapter officer positions in these organizations (reporter, vice-president, president, etc...) and might run for state office this year (if I run, I'm very likely to get the position). I am accomplished in FFA, consistently getting first place at local and regional competitions. I have been scoring very well at state as well and hope to get first is year. As for my envolvement in the Technology Student Association, I have been on the 2nd place team at state in a particular competition two years in a row and also hope to take first this year. I volunteer for National Honor Society group events, as well as some volunteer work on my own. I am a freshman mentor at my school.</p>

<p>I have participated in my state's Governor's school program. I also already have laboratory experience at a state university (this is relevant since I plan to go into science) and am currently looking into intern opportunities for next summer. My recommendations will include an excellent narrative from the professor overseeing my lab work, and possibly the mentors I will work with next summer. I also have high school teachers that love me and have written great recommendations before (to get me into Gov School). I was able to read one recommendation and I just about cried because it was so beautiful. I can write well when necessary, so essays should be no problem. Granted they probably won't be spectacular, but definitely good enough. </p>

<p>I don't have hooks (I'm white). I would have the first generation college thing going for me, but my dad got a two year degree (that he never used for anything). </p>

<p>Note: I plan to major in Biochemistry. My previous research experience is in this field, if that makes a difference. </p>

<p>I think I have included all the information I can at this point. Even though it isn't much, I would appreciate a rough guess. Thanks!</p>