Northwestern University Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

Going crazy for this…

If you don’t mind me asking, what were your stats?

What time did you hear?

i heard today, may 13, at 6:00 pm est!

i attend a large flagship, 3.95 gpa both semesters, 35 ACT, CAS, i think decent-good recs (one was from a professor who was the department head of my major), honestly lowkey basic ECs? i did a lot of volunteer work for a nonprofit, worked a campus job that related to my major, did independent research with a professor and in the honours program, also interned with a few businesses that also related to my major. hope this helps! and sorry it’s so cluttered :’)

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no my decision came out liuke over a week ago… ive been too nervous

Any info on Medill? I’m way too scared to check my update (came out a few weeks ago for me)

you have to rip the bandaid off and open it. who knows, you might have gotten in and have no idea!

you should check asap because you might’ve received you credit evaluation if you were accepted. you only get 3 weeks after the credit evaluation is sent to you to commit

I wonder if they will release any acceptances today or if we will have to wait until Friday… ugh. This is torture.

itll always be friday at 6 pm est i believe

What are the chances of getting accepted in a later wave cuz im beginning to lose hope

Last year they had one Monday and then Friday waves towards the end. But maybe they will stick with Fridays only this year? Who knows.

waves have been going on for more than a month now i think so its safe to say that there will probably be no other waves besides the friday ones lmao

I don’t know an exact number, but it’s definitely possible to still get in. I forget the name, but there’s a girl on YouTube who said she got in for transfer on the last wave


For anyone who has gotten in so far, how much demonstrated interest did you show, and if so by doing what?

I didn’t submit my application until April 10th, and my transcript didn’t go through until April 26th. That being said, they would probably review these types of applications last and thus making there a possibility to get in during later waves.

I submitted March 15th and have yet to receive my decision.


Me too, but trying hard to have faith and hope for the best. :pray: