Northwestern visit

<p>After visting Northwestern I was extremley impressed by the campus and students. My parents who went with me were equally as impressed. My parents orginally though that Northwestern was a good school but not an elite school like the ivy's. My parents were also afraid that Northwestern did not have a good name in the east coast. With the visit I think this chnaged. I enocurage everyone to visit this school an although it is very cold it will be worth your time.</p>

<p>Hey GoYankees - Don't forget that Joe Gerardi, the Yankee catcher before Jorge Posada, went to Northwestern!</p>

<p>GoYankees, if you think it's cold now, wait til January comes around. Experience a true Chicago winter. Fortunately, the weather warms up around April. =) </p>

<p>I survived. So can you.</p>