Northwestern vs. Georgetown-PLEASE HELP

Hi guys! I got admitted into both Northwestern and Georgetown and I am having a really difficult time picking between them. I desperately need advice on which to pick.
For context, I am very into politics and was admitted into the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown and the Weinberg school at Northwestern. I hope to pursue a career in diplomacy but I also want to pursue journalism possibly first and possibly minor in economics (graduate, journalism, law school, diplomacy would be the order). I am aware DC has more opportunities in the field of politics than Chicago but that Northwestern is a better-ranked school but perhaps not in international relations which I would major in (with a possible double major). I also would want to take into account the atmosphere of both schools and the types of people ( i am a pretty liberal if that matters). I also am afraid of rats which I know DC has a lot of but I would be willing to overcome that if Georgetown was a significantly better choice for me.

NU is a much better school. Go there.

Do you think that is still valid if I am in the walsh school because georgetown is really high ranked for international relations and politics and i am wondering if that is a factor

How so?

In general, I think Georgetown for IR and Northwestern for journalism, if your key factor is program. Which is most important to you?

Curious though about your circuitous route to being a “diplomat.” Why wouldn’t you just prepare for the foreign service exam at Walsh?

It’s silly to say that Georgetown SFS or Northwestern Weinberg are “better” or “worse” because they are just completely different programs. Look, it’s tough because it’s clear you don’t know exactly what you want to study/pursue as a career, so think of this this way. If you decided you didn’t want to do journalism or foreign service, where would you rather be?

I realize i seem unclear in what i want to pursue in this. I want to clarify that in my mind the international relations in terms of what i want to pursue takes priority but that journalism has always been a passion of mine and i want to incorporate into my life even if it is not my final career. Also i would major in International politics at georgetown and double major IR and journalism at northwestern

If you are really interested in IR, unless cost is a consideration, I would pick SFS over any school.